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Introducing ttie 

JUL i 1 mi 

Boston Public Sc 

A Guide [or Parents and students 

A Choosing a school in Boston 

A How, where and when to sign up tor school 

A Important dates and phone numbers 

A Individual school information and school hours 

A Boston Public Schools programs and policies 

A Transportation services 

A Maps 

A And more! 


Introducing the Boston Public Scliools 

26 Court Street • Boston MA 02108 

A Guide for Parents and Students 

A publication of 

The Boston Public Schools 

Communications: (617) 635-9265 

Parent Support Services: (617) 635-9660 

The School Committee of the City of Boston 

Officers • Robert P. Gittens, Ctiairperson • Elizabeth Reilinger, Vice Chairperson 
Members • Felix D. Arroyo • John Gould • Alfreda J. Harris • Edwin Melendez • William Spring 


Thomas W. Payzant 

This guide is intended as a general introduction to the Boston Public Schools. It is not a comprehensive policy manual. Some 

of the information in this guide may have changed since it was printed. For further information, call any Parent Information 

Center, listed on the back cover, or Parent Support Services, 635-9660. 

Produced by the Office of Communications, with assistance from the staff of the Department of Implementation and 
Parent Support Services. Partial funding from the Massachusetts Department of Education. 


Introducing the Boston Public Schools is available in ten languages: English, Cambodian, Cape Verdean Creole, Chinese, French, Greek, Portuguese, 
Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese. For a copy, or for assistance, please call or visit any Parent Information Center, listed on the back cover. 





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CAPE VERDEAN: Aprinzenta Skola Publiku di Boston sta dispunivel na linguas Ingles, Kanbodianu, Kabuverdianu, Xines, Franses, Gregu, Purtuges, 
Samolianu, y Vietinamista. Pa obte un kopia o asistensia pur favor tilifona o vizita kualker Sentru di Informason de Pais skrebedu 
na kapa di eras. 

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Introduisant les Ecoles Publtques de Boston est disponible en Anglais, en Cambodien, en Creole Cap Verdian, en Chinois, en 
Fran^ais, en Grec, en Portugais, en Somalien, en Espagnol, et en Vietnamien. Si vous avez besoid d'une copie ou de I'assistance, 
nous vous prions d'appeler ou de visiter I'un des Centres d'Information des Parents dont une liste est publiee sur la couverture de 

ZuoT^vovTas Ta ^T\\i6aia ZxoXeia BoaToSvris eii/ai 6ia9eaitto ara 
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Introduzindo as Escolas Ptiblicas de Boston existe em ingles, cambodiano, caboverdeano, chines, frances, grego, portugues, somali, 
espanhol e vietnamita. Para uma copia ou para assistencia, por favor telefone ou visite qualquer Centre de Informa9ao de Pais 
listado no verso desta capa. 

Kala barashada Dugsiyada Dadweynaha waxaa la helayaa ku qoran af Ingiriis, af Kamboodi, af Keb-feerde koroyoole, af Shiine, af 
Faransiis, af Giriig, af Burtuqiis, af Somali, iyo af Fiitnaam. Helida qoraalkaas iyo wixii kaalmo ah wac ama soo booqo mid ka mid 
ah Xarumaha Xogwaranka Waalidka, kuwaas oo ku cad jaldiga dambe. 

Introduccion a las Escuelas Publicas de Boston esta disponible en ingles, camboyano, caboverdeano, chino, frances, griego, 
portugues, somalio, espanol y vietnames. Para obtener una copia en cualquiera de estos idiomas o para mas informacion, llame o 
visite cualquier Centre de Informacion de Padres. Fijose en la lista que aparece en la contraportada. 

TuySn tSp gidi thieu ve Tru5ng COng Lap Boston in b£ng tieng Anh va cac tjSng khac nhii: 
Cam-B*^t, Cape Verdean, Trung-Hoa, Phkp, Hy-L^p, Bo-Dao-Nha, Somali, Tay Ban Nha, 

Viet Nam. N5u Quy Vi muon c6 tuyen tap, xin goi ho5c dto Trung Tarn Thong Tin Phu Huynh 
de nh|n. Danh sach cac Trung Tarn Thong Tin Phu Huynh ducc in 6 trang bfa sau tuyen tap. 





Thomas W. Payzant, Superintendent of Schools 

LWelcoie to the Boston Public Sciioois ^ 

CHOOSING A SCHOOL for our children is one of the most important 
decisions we make as parents and guardians. I encourage you to 
spend as much time as you possibly can learning about the Boston 
Public Schools before you make that decision. Come see us — the welcome mats 
are out at all 128 schools. 

We are working hard to be sure your child, and every child, receives an excel- 
lent education in our schools. In 1996-97, we are introducing a new curricu- 
lum in four subjects — English language arts, mathematics, science and social 
studies — that sets higher standards for students and teachers. Working with the 
City, we have begun connecting every school to the Internet, so all students will 
have access to a whole world of information. We have adopted a tougher 
standardized test to give us an accurate picture of how our students are doing 
and to show us how we can help them do better. We have just opened state-of- 
the-art library media centers in several high schools and are working to improve 
library services in all schools. 

Our Mission 

We welcome the children of 

this city into the Boston 

Public Schools, where effective 

teaching and learning prepare 

all of our students to achieve 

at high levels, and where the 

entire community works 

together to focus on children. 

In August 1997, we plan to open an exciting new pilot school: the Boston Arts 
Academy, the first public high school in our area for students showing promise 
in dance, music, theater and visual arts. Be sure to ask at our Parent Centers 
about other pilot schools, too. These schools, planned by teams of teachers, 
parents, education specialists, community leaders and others, are trying new 
approaches to teaching and learning. 

We are also pleased to be opening more fiill-day kindergartens for five-year- 
olds, giving us the opportunity to prepare more children to be successfiil in first 
grade and beyond. 

Finally, we are strengthening our School Site Councils, empowering parents, 
teachers and school-based administrators to make decisions that best serve their 

Everything we do is focused on one goal: to improve teaching and learning for 
each and every student. Thank you for choosing the Boston Public Schools, 
and we look forward to working with you to reach that goal. 


Superintendent of Schools 

Introducing the 

Boston Public Schools 

A Guide [or Parents and Students 


How will you decide which school is best for 

your child? 3 

A Map of Boston's School Assignment Zones 3 

A Signing Up for School 4 

Who needs to apply 4 

Where to get an application 4 

What to bring to register a new student 4 

Immunizations 5 

When to apply 5 

How to improve your chances of getting the 

school you choose 5 

How the Boston Public Schools assigns students 5 

Sibling and walk zone preference 5 

Random numbers 5 

If you don't get your first choice 5 

Waiting lists 6 

Administrative assignments 6 

Transfers 6 

If you move 6 

If you become homeless 6 

Expulsion 6 

A Transportation 6 

Alternative transportation 7 

Transportation offices 7 

A Boston Public School Programs 

Kindergarten 7 

Bilingual education 8 

Special education 8 

Advanced Work Class 8 

High school programs 8 

Technical/vocational education 8 

School-to-Career 9 

The examination schools 9 

A More About Our Schools 9 

Parent involvement 9 

Services for students 9 

Building improvements 9 

Attendance policy 10 

A Resource Directory for Parents 10 

A Individual School Information 1 1 

Citywide Elementary and Middle Schools 11 

East Zone Elementary Schools 12 

East Zone Map 13 

East Zone Middle Schools 20 

North Zone Elementary Schools 22 

North Zone Map 23 

North Zone Middle Schools 30 

West Zone Elementary Schools 32 

West Zone Map 33 

West Zone Middle Schools 38 

High Schools 40 

Special Education Schools 48 

A 1997-98 School Hours Inside back cover 

A Parent Information Centers Back cover 

A How to Register and Apply for 

School (Summary) Back cover 

hoosing a school in Boston 

In the Boston Public Schools, we think that the more school choices you have, the 
better. When you register your child for school, you may choose from at least twenty- 
three elementary schools and at least five middle schools in your assignment area, plus 
several citywide schools. High school students may choose from among fifteen citywide 
high schools. In addition, students may apply for several special schools, such as the 
"exam" schools and the new Boston Arts Academy. 

The City 
of Boston 

Our schools reflect the rich cultural 
diversity of our city. So that each school 
is as racially and ethnically diverse as 
possible, we assign students according to 
racial and ethnic guidelines as well as 
choice. This is why we call Boston's 
assignment plan "controlled choice. " 
When seats are limited in a school, the 
plan gives preference to applicants who 
have a brother or sister in the same 
school, to those who can walk to the 
school, and to those who are changing 
from a bilingual or special education 

program to a regular education class in 
the same school. 

How will you decide which 
school is best for your child? 

This Guide is a good place to start. It 
will answer many of your questions and 
introduce you to each of our schools. 

Our five Parent Information Centers can 
really help, too. Staff can explain what 
each school offers, what your options are, 

and how to apply. They also have 
information on: 

• Waiting lists and transfers, if you want 
to change schools 

• Bilingual and special education services 

• Programs for high achievers 

• Before and after school programs 

• Summer programs 

• Parent education 

• Community' resources 

• ...and much more! 




Our Parent Centers arc listed on the back 
cover. Call or drop by. 

We also encourage you to visit our 
schools and talk to relatives, friends and 
neighbors whose children attend schools 
you are considering. All schools are open 
to visitors during regular school hours. If 
you want to visit classrooms and speak to 
the principal and staff, we recommend 
calling ahead for an appointment. 

Ask the principal and teachers about: 

• The school's philosophy and expecta- 
tions for every student 

• Student achievement, measured by test 
scores and performance on projects 
and written assignments 

• Variety of classes and programs, 
including the library and technology 

• Teaching styles to match your child's 
learning style 

• Experience of the principal and 

• School hours and availability of before 
and after school programs 

• Size, location, and condition of the 
building and school yard 

• Voluntary school uniforms, now in 
some of our schools. 

Signing Up for 

Under Boston's student assignment plan, 
the city is divided into three geographic 
"zones" — East, West, and North — for 
elementary and middle schools. Parents 
may choose and apply for schools in the 

zone in which they live. There arc also 
several citywide schools open to all 
students: see pages 11-12 of this booklet. 
All high schools arc cit)'w^idc. 

The application form lists all the 
schools you may choose. You must 
choose at least three schools; but you may 
choose as many additional schools as you 
wish. Be sure to number your choices in 
order of your preference. 

If your child is new to the Boston Public 
Schools (BPS), you will receive a notice 
of your child's assignment by mail. 
Children who go to a Boston public 
school now will receive their notice of 
assignment from the school. 

You do need to apply for 
school if... 

• Your child will go to Kindergarten, 
grade 1, grade 6, or grade 9 — the 
"transition grades " — in September 
1997. [There are a few exceptions: 
students enrolled in the S. Green- 
wood, Hernandez, McKay (except 
bilingual classes), Tobin (except 
bilingual classes), and the exam 
schools may stay through the school's 
highest grade] 

• Your child is now in Kl and you want 
to apply for Extended Day K2. 

• Your child is in Kindergarten-grade 8 
and you move to a different zone 

• Your child is in a special program and 
must go to a different school for a new 

• You want to transfer your child to 
another school 

• Your child doesn't go to the Boston 
Public Schools now. 

You don't need to apply for 
school if... 

• Your child goes to the Boston Public 
Schools and will be in grades 2, 3. 4, 5, 
7, 8, JO, 11, or 72 next year. Your child 
will automatically be assigned to his or 
her current school. 

• Your child has a permanent 
Kindergarten 1 or Kindergarten 2 
assignment (guaranteeing assignment 
through the school's highest grade). 
But you must reapply if you want to 
choose Extended Day K2. 

Where to get an application 

Currendy enrolled students will get their 
applications from their school. 

Parents ot new-to-Boston students must 
visit one of our Parent Information 
Centers. See the back page for a list of 
our Centers. 

What to bring when you apply 

You will need to bring: 

• Two preprinted proofs of address, such 
as a utilit}' bill, bank statement, or 
Boston Housing Authorit)' lease. The 
BPS doesn't accept personal mail or 
rent receipts. If you don't have proofs 
of your address, tell the Parent 
Information Center staff. When school 
is in session, an attendance supervisor 
may be able to visit your home to 
verify your address. 

• A birth certificate, baptismal record or 
passport for children registering for 
Kindergarten or grade 1 . 

• Up-to-date immunization records and 
results of a recent tuberculosis test. 



Your child must be immunized! 

Before registering for school, according 
to state law, your child must be fully 
immunized. You must submit proof of 
up-to-date immunizations and a record 
of a recent tuberculosis test when you 
register. If you need a copy of the 
immunization record or have questions, 
contact your doctor or health center. If 
you don't have a doctor or health center, 
call Boston Medical Center, 534-5946: 
they have a free clinic, by appointment 
only. If you have not had your child 
immunized for health reasons or religious 
beliefs, bring a signed statement to that 
effect when you register for school. 

When to apply 

■ Rrst Application Period: 

January 6-February 4, 1997 
for students who will be in Kinder- 
garten and grades 1 , 6, and 9 next 

■ Late Applications: 

February 5-March 14, 1997 
for students who will be in Kinder- 
garten and grades 1 , 6, and 9 next 

■ Transfers and New Registrations: 

February lO-March 14, 1997 
for students who will be in grades 2, 
3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11. or 12 next year 
who (1) want to change schools, or 
(2) are new to the Boston Public 

Want a better chance of getting 
your "first choice" school? 

• Apply by your first deadline — 
Februar)' 4 for the transition grades, 
and March 14 for all other grades. You 
arc much more likely to get one of your 
choices if you apply any time within 
your first application period. All 

applications received within each period 
are processed together, not "first come/ 
first assigned." 

What if you miss the February 4 
deadline and the March 14 deadline? 
You may go to a Parent Information 
Center any time during the year to 
register for school or to request a 
transfer, but your choices will be more 
and more limited the longer you wait. 
Many popular schools are full after the 
first period. 

Make at least three choices. Students 
applying for Kindergarten - grade 1 2 
are required to list at least three choices 
on the application. 


• Keep your copy of the school 
application form or transfer request in 
a safe place. 

* Ask the name of everyone who helps or 
fid\ises you and note the day you 
talked with them. 

How does the BPS assign 

Assignments are made by computer. The 
computer knows how many seats are 
aN-ailable in each grade in each school, 
and what the racial guidelines are for 
filling those seats. Racial guidelines are 
set by zone, with some flexibility. The 
computer tries to assign each student to 
his or her first choice school. 

Sometimes a school doesn't have room 
for every student who lists it as the first 
choice. When this happens, the com- 
puter assigns some students before others 
based on certain "preferences ": 

I Sibling Preference. If you would like 
your children to go to the same school 
ask the Parent Information Center staff 

how to apply for "sibling preference." If 
seats are available, siblings are assigned 
regardless of racial guidelines. But 
sometimes a school doesn't have room for 
all the siblings who request it; so we cant 
guarantee sibling assignments. 
IMPORTANT: Be sure to ask for sibling 
preference the first time you apply'. 

■ Walk Zone Preference. Within racial 
guidelines, students who choose a school 
identified as a "walk zone school" usually 
will be assigned before students who 
choose the same school without a walk 
zone designation. Up to 100% of a 
school's seats may be filled by walkers. 
You can find out your walk zone school 
from any Parent Information Center 
Some families don't live within the walk 
zone of any school. For these children, 
we allow walk zone preference for the 
school nearest home — even if the child 
will have to take a bus to get there. 
Students who live within the walk zone 
of more than one school receive walk 
zone preference to all the schools in their 
walk zone. 

I Random Numbers. The computer 
gives each application a "random 
number. How is it used? Imagine that 
each application has a "weight." An 
application with sibling preference 
"weighs" more than one with walk zone 
preference; one with sibling and-^riW. 
zone preference "weighs' more than one 
with only sibling preference. When two 
applications "weigh" the same and the 
school has only one seat, the computer 
assigns the student by random number. 

If you don't get your first choice 

The computer will try to assign your 
child to one of the other choices you 




H Waiting Lists. Students who get their 
second choice go on the waiting Hst for 
their first choice. If they don't get their 
first or second choice, they go on waiting 
Hsts for both. Students who don't get any 
of their choices go on waiting Hsts for up 
to three choices. Kindergarten students 
go on waiting lists for up to two schools 
and may be on Hsts for both half day and 
full day programs in the same school. 
Your child's place on the waiting list is 
based on race, preferences (such as sibling 
or walk zone), the date you applied, and 
random number. After the first two 
weeks of school, available seats in grades 
1-5 may be filled by students on waiting 
lists without regard to race. 

For the latest information on changes in 
student assignment policy, call any 
Parent Information Center. 

You can find out your child's place on a 
school's waiting list by calling any Parent 
Information Center at the end of each 
application period. In August and 
September, you can also call the School 
Hotline, 635-9046. All waiting lists expire 
at the end of January, 1998. 

■ Administrative Assignments. State 
law says each child must attend school 
beginning in September of the calendar 
year in which the child turns six years 
old. If you don't receive one of your 
school choices, or if you don't return an 
application for a student age six and over 
starting a "transition grade" (Kindergar- 
ten and grades 1, 6 and 9), we will assign 
the child to the school closest to home 
that has a seat, following racial guide- 

Failure to send a child to school could 
result in legal action against the parent 
[Dept of Education Regulation 603 CMR 

If your child will be under age six 
through December 31, 1997, we will 
not assign your child to a school you did 
not choose. 


If you want to change schools, you can 
apply for a transfer during the "transfer" 
period, February 10-March 14. Transfer 
requests received after March /•^will be 
processed until the end of September. 
Requests received after that time will be 
processed in two batches: in early 
November and at the end of January. We 
can't guarantee your transfer request will be 

Students in grades 1-12 may transfer to 
another school only once per school year. 

If you move... 

• Bring two proofs of your new address 
to any Parent Information Center 
right away. If you don't have proof of 
your new address, call the Parent 
Center for advice. During the school 
year, we may be able to send an 
attendance officer to your home to 
verify the address. 

• Remember: We can't change your bus 
stop until we know your new address. 
Also, a move could mean your child 
will have to change schools. 

• Also give the school principal your 
new address. 

If you become homeless... 

Your child has a right to stay at the last 
school attended through the end of the 
school year or to enroll in a school within 
the new zone, town or city where you live 
temporarily if your family moves into a 
temporary living arrangement, such as a 
shelter or with friends or family. How- 
ever, we may not be able to provide 
transportation in all situations. For more 
help, call Student Support Services, 


Students who have been expelled from 
other school systems may not enroll in 
the Boston Public Schools. If the BPS 
finds out that a student has been expelled 
from his or her previous school, that 
student will be expelled immediately. 


About one-third of our 63,000 students 
walk to school, and the rest get transpor- 
tation by school bus or MBTA. Who is 
eligible for transportation? 

• Students who live a mile or more from 
their kindergarten and elementary 

• Students who live 11/2 miles or more 
from their middle school 

• Students who live two miles or more 
from their high school. 

Most students who take a school bus are 
picked up and dropped off at a corner 
near their home. Eligible high school 
students get a T pass or a combination of 
T pass and yellow bus service. Children 
with special needs receive door-to-door 
service or regular transportation, as 
required in their Individualized Educa- 
tion Plan (lEP). 



When your child is assigned to school, 
we will tell you if your child is eligible 
for transportation. In mid-August, we 
will mail you information about your 
child's bus stop, bus number, and 

Alternative Transportation 

You can request "alternative transporta- 
tion" to or from a bus stop other than 
home (such as a baby-sitter's house or 
after school program). But there are 
restrictions: the stop you request must be 
on an existing bus route to or from the 
school, and there must be room on the 
bus. Walkers are also eligible for this 
service. For a Fact Sheet and application 
for alternative transportation, call any 
Parent Information Center or the school 
principal. We send the Fact Sheet to 
parents of all currently enrolled students 
in May. 

IMPORTANT: Please do not apply for 
alternative transportation in order to 
change the bus stop if you have moved 
or are requesting a closer stop. When you 
notify us of your new address, we will 
automatically give your child a new bus 
stop near your new home if you are still 
eligible for transportation. 

If you return a complete application for 
alternative transportation by the end of 
the school year, and if the stop is 
approved, your child's alternative stop 
will be active by the first day of school. If 
you wait until the start of the school 
year, your request may take several 
weeks. Please remember, we can't 
guarantee that your child will get the 
alternative stop you request 


• If you think your child's bus stop is 
too far from home or is dangerous, 
you may be able to change it. But 
remember, bus stops can be several 
blocks from home. 

• If we say your child lives within the 
school's "walk zone" and you disagree, 
you can ask us to measure the distance 
from your house to the school. 

uiot provide door-to-door 
ition for children whose 
guardian is disabled — but we 
ible to assign a corner stop 
home. Some students with 
medical or physical conditions which 
i^ prevent them from walking to a nearby 
>p may receive door-to-door 
they submit a letter from the 
sk the principal for help, 
le summer, call our Medical 
nets Office, 635-8030. 

Transportation Offices 

• East Zone 635-8018 

• North Zone 635-9244 

• West Zone 635-8028 

• High Schools 635-8892 

• Central Office 635-9520 

Boston Public 



From the first year of kindergarten 
through the last year of high 
school, our schools offer a 
variety of special programs. As you 
choose next year's school, think about 
what you want for your child a few years 
down the road. Is learning in two 

languages important to you? We have 
several schools where all students take 
classes in English and Spanish. Will you 
encourage him or her to apply for one of 
our competitive "exam " schools? Many 
middle schools offier preparation for the 
entrance test, during or after school. Is 
your child a budding artist or performer? 
Our new Boston Arts Academy may be 
just the right high school — and you'll 
find good training in several elementary 
and middle schools that offer exceptional 
drama and arts programs, often in 
partnership with organizations such as 
the Boston Ballet. Even if high school, 
college and career seem far away, it's 
never too early to start planning. 


The Boston Public Schools have two 
Kindergarten grades: 

■ Kindergarten 1 — or"Kl" — for 
children who turn 4 years old before 
September 1, 1997 

■ Kindergarten 2 — or "K2" — for 
children who turn 5 years old before 
September 1, 1997 

• We're sorry, but we can't make exceptions 
to these age guidelines. 

• If your child turns 6 from September 1- 
December 31, the law requires you to 
send the child to school. 

We offer both half-day and full-day — or 
"Extended Day" — programs for Kl and 
K2. Almost all our Kl classes are half- 
day: students go to school in either the 
morning or the afternoon, for two and a 
half hours. Extended Day Kindergarten is 
as long as a regular school day, six hours. 

Kindergarten is changing in Boston. 

Our goal is to offer the best possible 
preparation for children entering grade 1 . 
To meet this goal, we are phasing out 
half-day kindergarten programs, and by 



September 1998 all K2 classes, serving 
almost 6,000 children, will be a full 
school day. 

y4// elementary schools offer at least one 
full-day K2 class. To find out which 
schools offer half-day Kl and K2, call 
any Parent Information Center, or check 
the kindergarten application form for 
your zone. 

Early Learning Centers — one in each 
zone, with three more planned — offer 
full-day Kindergarten and grade 1, plus 
before and after school care, all free of 
charge. Seats are limited for the ELCs, 
and waiting lists are long. 

We have a few openings in Kindergarten 
— or "KO" — for children who turn 3 
before September 1, 1997: but if you 
need a program for your three-year-old, 
we strongly urge you to check out Head 
Start and other preschool options. See 
the resource directory on page 10. 

Bilingual Education 

® 635-9435 • General Information 
€> 635-6547 • Testing & Placement 

For students whose first language is not 
English, we offer transitional bilingual 
classes in nine languages. Students are 
taught in their native language while they 
are learning English. When they become 
proficient in English, students take 
classes taught in English with other 

For students whose first language is less 
common in our schools — such as Russian 
and Arabic — we offer English as a 

Second Language in multilingual 
classrooms in three schools: Hennigan 
Elementary, Irving Middle, and English 
High School. 

If you think your child needs a bilingual 
class, your first step is to visit or call the 
Multilingual Communication & 
Placement Center, 635-6547, in the 
Madison Park Complex, 55 New Dudley 
St., Roxbury (near the Roxbury Crossing 
MBTA station). Hours: 9 A.M.-5 RM., 
Mon.-Fri. on school days; 9 A.M. -3 RM. 
during the summer and school vacations. 
For testing, please arrive at least one hour 
before closing. The staff there can explain 
how your child can be tested, what 
programs are available, and how to 
choose a school. And they can help in 
many languages. 

Services for Children with 
Special Needs 

® 635-7800 • Elementary Schools 
® 635-8584 • Middle Schools 
® 635-8582 • High Schools 

Students with special needs are children 
who have a disability or a combination of 
disabilities that make learning difficult. 
We offer a wide variety of services, 
including specialized instruction and 
services such as speech and language 
therapy, physical therapy, vision re- 
sources, and more. Many schools use 
"inclusionary" practices that make it 
possible for students with special needs to 
receive services in a regular education 

If you think your child has a special need, 
contact the principal or evaluation team 
leader at the Boston public school he or 
she attends. If your child does not attend 
a Boston public school, contact your 
Parent Information Center listed on the 

back cover, or call the appropriate special 
needs office at the numbers listed above. 
The Special Needs Parent Advisory 
Council, 635-7810, can also advise you 
and help solve problems. 

Advanced Woric Class (AWC) 


This program for eligible children in 
grades 4, 5, and 6 offers academic 
enrichment, slightly smaller classes, and 
"looping" (staying with the same teacher 
for grades 4 and 5). Eligibility is based on 
results of a standardized test (taken in the 
fall of grades 3, 4 and 5), racial guide- 
lines, and capacity. There are several 
AWC programs in each zone. If your 
child is eligible for AWC for grade 4 or 5, 
we will send you a mailer listing your 
AWC choices. All 5th graders, even those 
currently in grade 5 AWC, must take the 
test to be invited to grade 6 AWC. Eligible 
6th graders will see their choices listed on 
the application form. For more informa- 
tion, call any Parent Information Center. 

High School 

Our high schools each offer classes in the 
basic subjects (language arts, math, 
science and social studies), plus special 
classes and programs — during and after 
school — that make each school unique. 
You'll find school-to-career, health 
careers, banking and finance, travel and 
tourism, agriculture, and other special- 
ties. We also have programs for older 
students who want to return for their 
diploma, at-risk students, students who 
want to go to school at night, students 
who are parents, and students who want 
to sample the college experience while 
still in high school. 




Technical/Vocational Education 

We offer comprehensive instruction in 
technical and vocational education in 
two high schools. Madison Park Techni- 
cal Vocational High School houses 27 
vocational programs within its three 
career academies. West Roxbury High 
School has two programs. Most of these 
vocational programs are approved by the 
State under Chapter 74. 

Technical/vocational education provides 
an opportunity for students to learn a 
skill, develop an academic foundation for 
continued post-secondary study, and 
build a career while they earn a high 
school diploma. Madison Park and West 
Roxbury offer comprehensive academic 
instruction, along with bilingual and 
special education programs. Special job 
placement services are provided to 
graduating seniors who want to work. 
For 9th graders, Madison Park has a full- 
year exploratory program that allows 
students to assess their vocational 
interests and aptitudes and to gain 
exposure to the wide array of vocational 
programs in the Boston Public Schools. 
In addition to its vocational programs, 
Madison Park also houses the Roland 
Hayes Division of Music, where students 
can concentrate on vocal or instrumental 


(D 635-8079 

Through the School-to-Career approach, 
the classroom extends to the workplace 
and the community during the school 
day. In most of our high schools, and 
even some middle schools, students can 
explore possible careers and learn 
practical skills in, for example, a hospital, 
bank or TV studio as they improve their 
academic skills. For many students, 

experiencing the connection between 
school and the "real world" is the key to 
academic success. 

The Examination Scliools 


We have three "examination schools" for 
grades 7-12 that admit students on a 
competitive basis. They are: Boston Latin 
Academy in Roxbury, Boston Latin 
School in the Longwood hospital area, 
and O'Bryant School of Mathematics & 
Science in the Madison Park complex, 
Roxbury. All three schools accept new 
students for grades 7 and 9. O'Bryant 
also accepts new students for grade 10. 

Test registration materials for students 
applying for the 1998-99 school year will 
be available in late August 1997 in all our 
middle schools and high schools. Parent 
Information Centers, branch libraries, 
and Boys & Girls Clubs. 

The Boston School Committee expects 
to approve a new admission policy for 
the exam schools that will be in effect 
for students applying for admission in 
August 1997. For the latest information 
on exam school testing and admissions, 
call 635-9555. 

IVlore About Our 

Parent Involvement 

® 635-9660 

Every school has a School Parent 
Council — an "SPC " — responsible for 
reviewing the budget, recommending 
programs, and evaluating the principal. 
The Citywide Parents Council is the 

"umbrella" and central resource for the 
SPCs. In addition, we have parent 
councils for parents whose first language 
is not English, and for parents with 
children in special education and Title I 
programs. See the resource directory on 
page 10 for their phone numbers. 

Parents also may be elected as members 
of their School Site Council, which 
includes the principal, teachers and (in 
high schools) students. Now active in 
every school, these councils work 
together on programs and planning, for 
now and for the future — an idea we call 
"School-Based Management/Shared 

To find out more about our services for 
parents, and about how parents can help 
their child at home, call the Parent 
Support Services Team, 635-9660. 

Services for Students 

(D 635-8030 

Our schools offer a wide range of support 
services for students of all ages, including 
health services and education, family and 
individual counseling, guidance services 
for students applying for college, 
substance abuse and violence prevention 
programs, peer mediation training, a 
citywide Student Advisory Council, and 
much more. All come under the "um- 
brella" of the Student Support Services 
Team, 635-8030. 

Building Improvements 

In the last five years, Boston's schools 
have had more than $200 million in 
improvements — and plans for the next 
few years call for more renovations and 
even new school buildings. If you could 
visit all our schools by June 1997, you 
would find: 



• thirty new playgrounds, many of 
which also serve as outdoor learning 

• state-of-the art library/media centers 
in three high schools 

• wiring for direct access to the 
Internet in nineteen schools, and 
access by telephone in all schools 

• new windows, tiling, heating 
systems, roofs, doors and paint in 
dozens of schools 

• one million square feet of refinished 
hardwood floors in classrooms and 

Every year, our schools are becoming 
brighter, safer and better equipped 
places to learn. 

Attendance Policy 

If a student doesn't report to school 
for the first five days of the school 
year, or five days after being assigned 
to school, we will call and write to the 
parent or guardian to find out why the 
student hasn't come to school. If aft:er 
another ten days the student still 
hasn't reported to school or the parent 
hasn't notified the school of a health 
problem, the student will lose his or 
her assignment at that school, and we 
will notify the attendance officer. 

Children who are absent more than 
1 5% of the school year will not be 
promoted to the next grade — so be 
sure your child goes to school every 
day unless he or she is ill. Good 
attendance is one of the most 
important ingredients for school 
success. I 



Main Number/All Departments 635-9000 


Adult Education 635-9827 

General Information 

<© 357-6000 ext 13 

Bilingual Department 635-9435 

Citywide Parents Council (CPC) 635-8007 

For low income families , 

Master Parent Advisory Council (Bilingual) .. 635-6553 

accepting children ages 3-4 i 
(some younger). j 

Medical Services Department 635-8030 

Multilingual Communication & Placement.... 635-6547 

Parent Infomnation Centers See back cover 

Allston/Brighton.... 783-1235 ' 
Charlestown 241-7018 

Parent Support Services 635-9660 

School Hot Line (August and September) ... 635-9046 


Special Education Department 635-9700 

Church 482-3087 

Special Needs Parent Advisory Council 635-7810 

Dorchester 282-1100 

Student Support Services 635-8030 

East Boston 567-8855 ' 

Title 1 Parent Resource Center 635-7750 

Geneva Ave 288-9151 

Hyde Park 361-2300 i 


Jamaica Plain 522-5533 

Action for Boston Community 

Mattapan 298-1785 

i Development (ABCD) 357-6000 

Native American 

Community 232-8534 < 

GED, high school diploma, jobs program 

Boston Medical Center Pediatric Clinic > 

North End 367-0532 

Immunizations (call for appointment) .... 534-5946 

Parent Child 

Boston Community Centers 635-4920 

Center 288-5580 

1 Youth programs, adult education, 

Parker Hill/ 

recreation, GED ' 

Fenway 267-1245 

Boston Public Library/Copley Square 

St. James/ i 

Central Library 536-5400 ext. 334 

Orchard Park 445-8843 J 

Child Care Choices of Boston 

South Boston 269-5160 ;. 

Parent Hotline 542-KIDS ext 641 

South End 426-2855 

Information about licensed day care 

Walnut Grove 448-8202 

centers and providers, operating 

Washington Hill 

Monday-Friday, 9 AM to 1 PM 

(Roslindale) 327-1152 

Citywide Educational Coalition (CWEC) 542-2835 

West Roxbury 323-5327 

School information, parent newsletters 

EDCO Youth Alternative 262-9562 


High school diploma and school-to- 

career for out-of-school youth 

Charter School Office 

Federation for Children with Special Needs. 482-2915 

® 727-0075 

Advocacy, information and training 

Information about public 

Higher Education Information Center 536-0200 

schools open to Boston 

Free information about higher education, 

residents that are not part of 

financial aid, careers 

the Boston Public Schools 

Latino Parents Association 983-5529 

Support for Latino families 

Parents United for Child Care 426-8288 

Information about before and 

after school programs 

' ^ ' - « — . -..,<■ --"W-J- • 

<r"<'^' '^ ■» -^ J i • - m^it^' <■ wj*? .Si 




and Middle 

These five schools are open to students in 
all Boston neighborhoods. 

Hernandez Bementary & Middle 

61 School Street, Roxbury 

Margarita M. Muniz, Principal 

® 635-8187 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Hernandez School. . . 

• is located between Egleston Square 
and Franklin Park 

• has 400 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 8 

• is a two-way bilingual school: All 
students learn in English and 

• offers a before-school program for 
K-5, and a longer school day 
(including after-school sports) for 
grades 6-8 

• is an Expeditionary Learning 
Outward Bound school: Students 
learn skills and build self-esteem 
through challenging group and 
individual experiences 

• teaches all subjects using common 
themes and hands-on learning in 
cooperative groups 

• is a Boston Plan for Excellence 21st 
Century School, and has received a 
Harcourt Charitable Foundation 
Grant (1996-99) 

• works with the American Student 
Assistance Corp., The Boston 
Company, and Bentley College, who 

provide college awareness, financial 
aid, and technology help 

• has had recent building 
improvements, inside and out. 

M. L King Jr. Middle School 

77 Lawrence Avenue, Dorchester 

Sonya E. Stiebel, Principal 

(B 635-8212 Hours: 7:35-1:35 

The King Middle School . . 

• is in a residential neighborhood 
between Uphams Corner and 
Franklin Park 

• has 475 students in grades 6-8 

• is a school where students put their 
best effort into their work 

• is a school where love and respect 
bind the community into a 
purposeful unit 

• follows the Max Warburg 
Curriculum, a three-year language 
arts curriculum with a different 
theme each year: courage, 
perseverance, and loyalty 

• has Advanced Work Class for 
eligible students in grade 6 

• works with many agencies: Urban 
League, Roxbury MultiService 
Center, Gang Peace, Project Hope, 
and others 

• has mentor projects with Coopers & 
Lybrand, Harvard Business School, 
Harvard School of Education, and 
Charles St. AME Church 

• has after school tutoring and sports 

• is part of The Algebra Project, using 
innovative methods to teach and 
tutor math 

• sponsors intramural sports, chorus, 
and cheerleaders. 

Mission Hill School 

79 Alleghany Street, Roxbury 
Deborah Meier, Principal 
® 242-7730 Hours: 

to be announced 

Mission Hill School is a new "pilot " 
school, opening in August 1997. It will. . . 

• be located in the former Mission 
High School in Mission Hill 

• open with approximately 95 
students in Kindergarten-grade 5, 
growing within three years to 240 
students in Kindergarten-grade 8, 
divided into two "houses" of 120 
students each 

• have as its principal a nationally 
renowned educator and author 

• build on successful educational 
models that have worked in small, 
private schools, rooted in the 
progressive educational philosophy 
of John Dewey. 

Mission Hill School. . . 

• believes in close cooperation and 
collaboration between family and 

• supports sustained family 
involvement in connecting home 
and school 

• believes that quality education is 
based on respect, and that both 
home and school cultures must be 

• defines success in education as 
including understanding of diverse 
cultures, a concern for fairness, and 
perseverance in the face of difficulty 

• assumes collective responsibility for 

• observes and assesses student 
progress through portfolio and 
performance-based measures in a 
wide range of academic, artistic, and 
social disciplines 

• is developing a variety of 
partnerships, particularly with other 
BPS schools and with higher 
education partners. 


1 1 


Timilty Middle School 

205 Roxbuiy Street, Roxbury 
Roger F. Harris, Principal 
(©635-8109 Hours: 7:35-3:05 

Friday: 7:35 to 12:45 

The Timilty Middle School.. 

• is located in historic Eliot Square, 
near Roxbury Crossing, next to 
Roxbury Heritage State Park 

• has 600 students in grades 6-8 

• offers Project Promise, an innovative 
approach to learning that includes a 
longer school day 

• has Advanced Work Class for 
eligible students in grade 6 

• infuses reading, writing, and math 
across all subjects 

• has schoolwide Internet access 

• schedules rwo specialty classes a day: 
gym, health, woodworking, home 
economics, music, critical thinking, 
Spanish, or art 

• is a two time winner of the National 
Award for Excellence from the U.S. 
Dept. of Education, and has won 
many other awards for outstanding 
teaching and programs 

• is a Boston Plan for Excellence 21st 
Century School 

• has active partnerships with Mass. 
General Hospital, 3Com (for 
technology), and McDonald's. 

• is two-time National Academic 
League Summer Program champion 

• has a 1 1 2 member student/staff 

• provides workshops and classes for 

Young Achievers Science & 
Mathematics Bementary School 

90 Smith Street, Roxbury 
Dawn Lewis, Principal 
© 635-6805 Hours: 7:30-5:30 

Friday: 7:30 to 3:15 

The Young Achievers Science & 
Mathematics School. . . 

• is located in Mission Hill, on the 
grounds of Mission Grammar 

• has 200 children in Kindergarten- 
grade 3, adding one grade each year 
through grade 8 

• is a "pilot school," free of many 
Boston Public Schools and Boston 
Teachers Union rules 

• has small classes of no more than 20 
students per class 

• uses "looping": Teachers and 
students spend rwo years together 

• encourages strong family and parent 

• offers French, music and physical 

• has meaningful collaborations with 
Wheelock College, Northeastern U., 
and Mass. College of Art that 
stimulate quality teaching and 

• provides special education services 
within a regular classroom setting 

• encourages younger and older 
students to read, work and share 
together on a regular basis 

• offers clubs and other social, 
recreational, and academic activities 
in its extended day program 

• has computers in every classroom, 
plus a computer lab. 

East Zone 



Channing Bementary School 

35 Sunnyside Street, Hyde Park 

Deborah D. Dancy, Principal 

® 635-8722 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Channing School. . . 

• is on a quiet street, near Cleary 

• has 450 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• uses the Writing-to-Read Program 
to teach reading 

• has many guest speakers and 

• has Advanced Work Class for 
eligible students in grades 4-5 

• has many extras, including a 
Talented & Gifted Program, foreign 
language, music, art, computer 
technology, and field trips 

• uses innovative ways of teaching 
math and science, and is part of 
PALMS/Partnerships Advancing the 
Learning of Math & Science 

• has violence prevention and 
counseling programs 

• has a parent center and parent 

• has just been renovated, with a new 
roof, lights, paint, windows, and 

Chittick Bementary School 

154 Ruskindale Road, Mattapan 

William Abbott, Principal 

® 635-8652 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Chittick School. . . 

• is in a residential neighborhood, 



toc;TON PI iRi i^ csriHnoi 


near Wood Avenue 
has 420 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

seeks to provide a full program with 
an active parent organization, 
support services for children and 
families, and an effective staff/parent 
governance structure 
presents a strong academic program 
with French, art, music, physical 
education and computer specialists 
offers a warm, nurturing 
environment for children 
receives support from community 
organizations such as the Mattapan 
Health Center, Mattapan 
Governance Board, Black Lawyers 
Association, Dorchester Counseling 
Center, Boston Children's Services 
and the Community Music Center 
collaborates with the school 

development program at Yale 
University and with Simmons 

• is an excellent facility, recently 

Clap Bementary School 

35 Harvest Street, Dorchester 

Angelo Giacalone, Principal 

® 635-8672 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Clap School. . . 

• is located near Andrew Square 

• has 250 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• is a small school, which promotes 
the safety and security of all students 

• focuses on the basics: reading, 
writing, and math 

has a Student of the Month program 

and monthly Birthday Celebrations 

uses computers for newspapers, 

books, and story telling 

offers computer education, art, and 

physical education classes 

has an active School Site Council 

and School Parent Council 

has many programs for children with 

special needs and for cultural 

enrichment, including the Boston 

Ballet, Very Special Arts, Museum of 

Fine Arts, and Young Audiences 

has a business partnership and 

mentoring program with Arnold & 

Fortuna Advertising Co.: 25 

mentors helped our students this 


East Zone Schools 


\ ? Ty^tn 







Brbor School 

• Mather 

•HoUand I 
EndicottyJT Marshall* "yCleveland 

S. Gre<;Swood« •Hohnes /oOflCHESTER 

O'Hearn Murphy 

Leweahere/ ' WiUon ^ 

' Thompso" .^ 

• •ssiL Taylor 



Chittick* ^/ 

Grew • 

I dunning HYDE PARK 




Condon Bementary School 

200 D Street, South Boston 

Daniel Walsh, Principal 

(D 635-8608 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Condon School. . . 

• is in the heart of South Boston 

• has over 900 students in Early 
Childhood and Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• has two state-of-the-art computer 

• offers a Cape Verdean bilingual 
program, schoolwide Title 1, and 
Advanced Work Class for eligible 
students in grades 4-5 

• runs after school programs 

• has a newly renovated playground 
and offers swimming in our 
Olympic-sized pool 

• collaborates with UMass-Boston, 
Boston University, and Curry and 
Wheelock colleges 

• is partners with the TERI 
Corporation, which has given us a 
first grade mini-computer lab and 
encourages employees to volunteer 
to read aloud to students 

• has an active School Site Council 
and School Parent Council 

• works with a City Year team. 

Dover Bementary School 

325 Mt. Vernon Street, Dorchester 

Nydia Mendez, Principal 

(D 635-8694 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Dever School. . . 

• is a on Harbor Point, near UMass- 

• has 560 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• is a Boston Plan for Excellence 21st 
Century School 

• has an active Parent Center that 
offers support, courses, and 
workshops for parents in English 
and Spanish as well as a variety of 
volunteer opportunities 

• offers Spanish bilingual classes and a 
multi-grade special education LAB 

• has programs in drama, dance, 
storytelling, music, and physical 

• has two after-school and summer 
programs to support academic, 
artistic and social development 

• is partners with Lesley College, 
Mentor Inc., BankBoston, the Coast 
Guard, MWRA, and others to 
support child development 

• was chosen as a teacher training site 
for new math, science, and 
technology methods 

• was one of first sites chosen to be 
wired schoolwide to the Internet to 
enhance our two computer labs and 
classroom computers 

• is a flagship site of Citizen Schools, 
an apprenticeship-based enrichment 

Early Learning Center/East 

370 Columbia Road, Dorchester 
Myrtle David, Program Director 
(D 635-8604 Hours: 7: 1 5-5:45 

The East Zone Early Learning Center. . . 

• is a modern school, between 
Franklin Park and Uphams Corner 

• has 190 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 1 

• is an all-day school for all students, 
from 8:30 A.M. to 2:20 P.M. 

• also offers free before and after 
school care: Students can come as 
early as 7:15 A.M. and stay as late as 
5:45 P.M. 

• uses Whole Language and phonics 
to teach reading and has all children 
in a daily writing program 

» has an IBM computer lab 

• teaches math using "hands-on" 
materials and science through 

• has a state-of-the-art playground 
built by parents and teachers. 

Endlcott Bementary School 

2 McLellan Street, Dorchester 

Robert Holland, Principal 

® 635-8648 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Endicott School. . . 

is on Blue Hill Avenue, near 
Franklin Park 

has 220 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

emphasizes basic skills in a family- 
like setting 

offers school-based counseling 
is partners with: the Franklin Park 
Zoo; Hill, Holliday; and Houghton 

believes all children are special 
believes that parents are an integral 
part of the educational process 
is committed to multicultural 

has a committed, dedicated staff 
has been recently renovated. 

Everett Bementary School 

71 Pleasant Street, Dorchester 

Kathleen Flannery, Principal 

® 635-8779 Hours: 8:25-2:15 

The Everett School. . . 

• is near the corner of Dorchester Ave. 
and Savin Hill Ave., within walking 
distance of the Uphams Corner 

• has 375 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• provides a culturally diverse 

• offers many reading programs and 
incentives, including: Reading 
Recovery, Reader-of-the-Month, 
Reading Is Fundamental (RIF), and 
book fairs 




M Piia4< i^'^iriM^ 

• has full-time computer, science, and 
art teachers, and performing arts 
(including a program and dance 
teacher from Boston Ballet City 

• is a Boston Plan for Excellence 21st 
Century School 

• involves parents with a weekly 
newsletter, monthly coffee hours, 
fund-raisers, and school volunteers 

• has on-site counseling with Little 

• has voluntary school uniforms and 
an attendance incentive program 

• is newly renovated and handicap 
accessible, with an auditorium and 
play yard. 

• has a new after school program for 
grades 1-3. 

Hfield Elementary School 

25 Dunbar Avenue, Dorchester 
Craig Lankhorst, Principal 

® 635-8618 

Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Fifield School. . . 

• is located in a residential 
neighborhood, tour blocks from 
Codman Square, off Washingtan St. 

• has 330 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 who learn together to reach 
their full potential, with extra help 
to meet individual needs 

• offers a before and after school 
program run by the Dorchester 

• provides accelerated math 
instruction to all students, and 
scores well above the national 
average in math 

• uses computer-assisted instruction in 
reading and math in all grades 

• is full of music: We have 
instrumental music lessons, choir, 
and access to professional 
musicians — and Boston Pops 
director Keith Lockhart is our 

• works with the Unity Club, 
Northeastern University, Cirl 

Scouts, Boston Ballet, Junior 
Achievement, Codman Square 
Merchants Association, and Future 
Teachers of America 

• has a computer club and athletics 

• has voluntary school uniforms, a 
school newspaper, many special 
awards, and honors a Student of the 

• offers workshops for parents in our 
Family Center 

• get daily exercise in our large 
playground and field. 

Bihu Greenwood Bementary School 

612 Metropolitan Avenue, 

Hyde Park 

Marjorie Powell, Principal 

® 635-8665 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Elihu Greenwood School. . . 

• is in a residential area 

• has 540 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• fosters parent participation in school 
planning activities 

• provides school-based counseling 

• is connected to PALMS, a statewide 
initiative to advance the teaching of 
math and science 

• has a student-run store and recycle 

• offers enrichment activities, 
including Boston Music Education 
Collaborative (grades 1-5), Boston 
Ballet City Dance, Partners in 
Prevention, YMCA Adopt-a-Fifth 
Grade Program, and the Health Net 
health education program 

• holds monthly student recognition 
assemblies and an annual Spooky 
Science family night 

• has lots of special fairs — Science, 
Healthy Kids, and International — 
and concerts 

• is partners with Hyde Park Savings 
Bank and the Hyde Park YMCA 

• has many garden areas. 

Sarah Greenwood Bementary & 
Middle School 

189 Glenway Street, Dorchester 
Isabel Mendez, Principal 
€635-8710 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Sarah Greenwood School. . . 

• is in a residential neighborhood, 
near Franklin Park 

• has 450 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 8 

• offers "Estrellas," a chance for 
Spanish- and English-speaking 
students to learn together 

• uses technology in all subjects 

• has a Writing-to-Read computer lab 
and a new Writing-to-Write 

• has a Macintosh computer lab where 
students create stories, publish the 
school newspaper, and develop 

• has an IBM Teaching-and-Learning- 
Through-Computers lab for math 

• uses HOTS (Higher Order 
Thinking Skills) to teach thinking, 
reasoning, and problem solving 

• uses telecommunications and 
technology to teach math and 
science, and the Algebra Project to 
introduce algebra 

• is partners with the Communit}' 
Music Center 

• follows the character curriculum 
Voices of Love and Freedom 

• uses cooperative and multicultural 

• has a full-time social worker, a 
parent center, and a Student 
Support Team 

• participates in Peace Games. 

Grew Bementary School 

40 Gordon Avenue, Hyde Park 
Clare Joyce, Principal 
(©635-8715 Hours: 9:15-3:05 

The Grew School. . . 

• is in a residential neighborhood, just 




two blocks from Cleary Square 
has 385 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

has Title I math and reading 
teaches math and science with help 
from new technology and methods 
has the Lonergan Institute "I Am A 
Good Person" program 
has a student support team 
has a Foster Grandparents program 
with senior citizens 
works with Boston Partners in 

is a "Partners in Prevention" school 
with Faulkner Hospital 
uses the Wisnia Kapp reading 
program: Every teacher is fully 
trained in this successful method 
has a small counseling program with 
Boston Community Services. 

Holland Elementary School 

85 Olney Street, Dorchester 
Janet Williams, Principal 
©635-8832 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Holland School. . . 

• is a modern school, near Columbia 

• has 920 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• is organized into six learning areas or 
"pods," each with a team of teachers 
who work and plan together 

• also has several traditional 

• has two computer labs: Josten 
Learning Center and Power 

• has a parent center to offer more 
participation in the school 

• works with Northeastern 
University's Paul Robeson Institute/ 
Mary MacLeod Bethune Institute 

• has Reading Recovery and school- 
based therapy programs 

• has a boys' choir, boys' & girls' 
basketball teams, swim team, and an 
olympic-size swimming pool. 

Holmes Elementary School 

40 School Street, Dorchester 

Jacqueline Hogan, Principal 

® 635-8681 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Holmes School. . . 

• is in a quiet, residential 
neighborhood, near Washington St. 
in Dorchester 

• has 275 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• is a model school that fully includes 
special needs students in all classes 

• uses a curriculum that reflects the 
diversity of its students and how they 
approach learning 

• actively involves and welcomes 

• has a partnership with the Federal 
Reserve Bank which sponsors a Read 
Aloud program, a pen pal club and a 
career awareness program 

• has computers in every classroom 

• has a schoolwide discipline program 

• provides on-site counseling through 
the Dorchester Counseling Center 

• offers a money management 
program, "Savings Makes Cents," 
sponsored by the State Treasurer's 
Office and the BankBoston. 

Kenny Elementary School 

19 Oakton Avenue, Dorchester 

Thomas Deveney, Principal 

® 635-8789 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Kenny School. . . 

• is located in a residential 
neighborhood, near Adams Street 

• has 450 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• has a computer lab. 

Lee Bementary School 

155 Talbot Avenue, Dorchester 

Maria Iglesias, Principal 

'£ 635-8687 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Lee School. . . 

• is easy to get to, next to Franklin 

• has 700 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5, organized in five learning 
areas or "pods" 

• offers Reading Readiness for 
Kindergarten students and Reading 
Recovery for grade 1 

• has an award-winning (200 awards!) 
art program and offers music classes, 
chorus, and performing arts 

• offers Advanced Work Class for 
eligible students in grades 4-5 

• works with the Arnold Arboretum 
for nature studies and science 

• has a partnership with City Year 

• pairs regular education and special 
needs students through the Peer 
Buddies program 

• offers support and enrichment 
services through Boston Children's 
Services, UMass-Boston, Boston 
College, Milton Academy, Mass. 
College of Art, and others 

• has a before and after school 
program with the Anthony Perkins 
Community Center 

• is a modern school with a gym, pool, 
library, theater, and much more. 

Marshall Elementary School 

35 Westville Street, Dorchester 
Teresa Harvey-Jackson, Principal 

® 635-8810 

Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Marshall School. . . 

• is a modern school, near Fields 

• has 960 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• uses a "family" grouping model: 
Children remain with the same 




"family" of teachers, students and 
staff from Kindergarten through 
grade 5 

• has a two-way biUngual mini-school 
for Kindergarten-grade 5: Students 
learn English iZ«^ Spanish 

• has Macintosh and Josten's IBM 
computer labs 

• houses the only school planetarium 
and greenhouse in the city 

• offers a rich curriculum, including 
art, music, instrumental music, 
physical education, science, 
computers, swimming, and more 

• is paired with Boston College, whose 
students mentor our grades 4 and 5 
students through Project 2000. 

• has a home/school literature 

• has lots of activities for families: 
Fathers' Luncheon, Science Fair, 
spaghetti dinners, student/faculty 
basketball games, and more. 

Mather Bementary School 

One Parish Street, Dorchester 
Michael Kim Marshall, Principal 
® 635-8757 Hours: 8:35-2:25 

The Mather School. . . 

• is atop historic Meeting House Hill, 
near Fields Corner 

• has 600 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• has a Vietnamese bilingual program 
and an inclusion class for special 
needs students 

• has state-of-the-art programs for 
beginning readers: Reading Recovery 
and the Early Literacy Learning 

• won a Harcourt Professional 
Development grant, and is a Boston 
Plan for Excellence 21st Century 

• has reorganized to create smaller 
classes schoolwide 

• uses "looping" in most classes: 
Students stay with the same teacher 

for two years 

• has five Golden Apple Award 
winners and a principal who won 
the first Boston Plan for Excellence 

• has a Macintosh LC-III lab and 
numerous Apple He computers 

• has individualy scheduled parent- 
teacher conferences at report card 

• is partners with The New England, 
City Year, Boston Children's 
Services, Omega Psi Phi, Dorchester 
House, and the I.R.S. 

• has a first-class facility and one of 
the best playgrounds in Boston. 

Manahunt Bementary School 

100 Hebron Street, Mattapan 
Nancy Dickerson, Principal 
©635-8792 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Manahunt School. . . 

• is an urban school in a suburban 
setting, near Cummins Highway, off 
Livermore Street 

• has 800 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5, including a large early 
childhood program 

• uses Whole Language, phonics, 
cooperative learning, peer tutoring, 
and other innovative teaching 

• uses Reading Recovery as an early 
intervention strategy: in fact, we are 
the center for Boston's Reading 
Recovery program 

• works with Foster Grandparents, 
Boston Partners in Education, 
Junior Achievement, and parent and 
community volunteers 

• has Somali and Spanish bilingual 

• has a computer lab and uses the 
computer-assisted Writing-to-Read 

• offers Nature's Classroom science 
camp for grades 4-5 

• is musical, with both vocal and 

instrumental programs 

• offers social services for students full- 

• is a large, modern building with a 
swimming pool and gym. 

Murphy Bementary School 

One Worrell Street, Dorchester 
Robert Glennon, Principal 
©635-8781 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Murphy School. . . 

is next to Stop & Shop on Morrissey 

has 870 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

uses a team approach to staff 
planning and problem solving 
offers Advanced Work Class for 
eligible students in grades 4-5 
has two computer labs for reading, 
writing and math 
uses telecommunications to teach 
math and science 

has Peace Games, a program which 
works with teachers, parents and 
volunteers to teach the skills of 
peacemaking for students in grades 
1, 3 and 5 to create a safe school 

• has monthly morning coffee hours 
for parents 

• has a before school program 

• has a grade 1 tutoring program with 
Boston Partners in Education 

• offers student support services 

• is a large school, built in 1973, with 
a flexible, open space design. 

O'Hearn Bementary School 

1669 Dorchester Avenue, 


William Henderson, Principal 

(D 635-8725 

Hours: 8:35-2:25 

The O 'Heam School. . . 
• is in a residential neighborhood, 
near Shawmut Station 







• has 225 students from early 
childhood through grade 5 

• is a full inclusion school: Students 
involved in regular education, 
students with mild, moderate and 
severe disabilities, and students 
considered talented and gifted learn 
together and from each other 

• follows the citywide learning 

• uses thematic instruction, 
cooperative learning, the arts, and 
technology to enhance the 

• involves family members extensively 
in decision making, outreach, 
newsletters, special events, and our 
family center 

• collaborates with many universities, 
agencies, and corporations. 

Perkins Bementary School 

50 Burke Street, South Boston 
Virginia DiFranza, Principal 

(D 635-8601 

Hours: 8:25-2:15 

The Perkins School. . . 

• is in the Old Colony Apartments 

• has 300 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• uses the IBM Writing-to-Read 
program, and has a Macintosh 
computer lab to teach writing and 
computer literacy 

• provides mentor counseling 

• promotes Project P-R-I-D-E and 
self-esteem, empowering children to 
survive and succeed 

• offers the Perkins Apprenticeship 
activity period every Friday for 
mixed-grade groups of students in 
grades 3-5 

• received the Governor's Award for 

• is experimenting with inclusion and 
reciprocal mainstreaming 

• has its own Wee Delivery in-house 
postal service 

• gets help for our reading program 
from our business partner, Gillette 

• has just been renovated, with new 

Perry Bementary School 

745 East 7th Street, South Boston 

Sally Gorham, Principal 

(D 635-8840 Hours: 8:35-2:25 

The Perry School. . . 

• is in the City Point section of South 
Boston, across from Boston Harbor 

• has 220 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• integrates special needs students into 
the whole classroom, with full 
inclusion classes for grades 1 and 2 

• uses a wide variety of methods to 
teach reading 

• believes in "hands-on, " thematic 
learning and "process" writing 

• houses two computer labs, uses the 
IBM Writing-to-Read program, and 
will be on the Internet by fall 1997 

• provides specialists in instrumental 
music, science, computers, and 
physical education 

• has won awards from A World of 
Difference and the Boston Public 

• offers drug education through "So 
Bad," and works with the Boston 
Police Dept. on anti-gang and drug 
education programs 

• offers counseling through Family 
Services, Inc. 

• has a tutoring program with UMass- 
Boston and a partnership with the 
National Bank of Greece to teach 
students about banking 

• offers free dance lessons through 
Boston Ballet City Dance, and 
participates in Boston Ballet's free 

student matinee program and 
Nutcracker Lottery 

• has a parent center, active parent 
council and School Site Council, 
and parent volunteers working in 

• has newly renovated classrooms and 

Roosevelt Bementary School 

95 Needham Road, Hyde Park 

Lorraine Bordonaro, Principal 

® 635-8676 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Roosevelt School. . . 

• is in a residential neighborhood off 
Truman Highway, a short drive 
from the Blue Hills and the Trailside 

• has 390 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• uses cooperative learning in the 

• uses hands-on activities every day to 
teach math and science 

• has an IBM computer network lab 
for all grades 

• has a computer in every classroom 
for remediation and enrichment 

• provides science taught by a science 
specialist, and has an annual science 

• offers Literature is Tops and 
Literature Through the Arts to 
develop good readers 

• recognizes a Student of the Month 
from each classroom 

• publishes a quarterly school 
newspaper, "The Roosevelt 
Chatter," and sends home a weekly 
parent bulletin 

• has a partnership with nearby Curry 
College, whose students tutor our 

• has just had a $1 million dollar 




><ST#^M Pi IRI ir; gfUQgll 

Russell Elementary School 

750 Columbia Road, Dorchester 

Archie Walsh, Principal 

(D 635-8803 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Russell School. . . 

• is near Edward Everett Square 

• has 450 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• offers the option of two-way Spanish 
bilingual classes for Kindergarten- 
grade 5: All students learn English 
and Spanish 

• is a happy, diverse, multicultural 
school with waiting lists for every 

• is absolutely gorgeous after a $ 1 .5 
million renovation! 

P. A. Shaw Elementary School 

429 Norfolk Street, Dorchester 

William B. Stevens, Principal 

® 635-8719 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Pauline A. Shaw School. . . 

• is on the corner of Morton and 
Norfolk Street, across from 

• has 365 students in Early Childhood 
and Kindergarten-grade 5 

• has a schoolwide International 
Studies theme 

• uses Whole Language, Literature is 
Tops, and other programs to teach 

• offers French and Japanese 

• hosts guest speakers from other 
countries and goes on cultural field 

• works with the Showa Institute for 
Women, World Affairs Council, 
Boston Ballet, Boston Partners in 
Education, DECIDE drug education 
program, and many others 

• has state-of-the-art technology and 
computer software, with computers 
in almost every classroom 

• won a Title I PIP Award. 

Stone Bementary School 

22 Regina Road, Dorchester 

Maria de los Angeles Montes, 


(D 635-8773 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Stone School. . . 

• is on a quiet street, near the 
Dorchester Court House 

• has 250 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• is partners with John Hancock in a 
unique program which includes 
training for parents and teachers, 
mentoring, and other support 

• has a journalism theme, encouraging 
all children in Kindergarten-grade 5 
to be strong writers 

• is partners with Boston Children's 
Services for on-site counseling and 
violence prevention programs 

• is partners with UMass-Boston and 
Wheelock College, which provide 
student teachers 

• has strong community ties through 
Codman Square Health Center, the 
Greenwood Family Center, the 
Merchants Association, Healthy 
Boston, and the YMCA 

• offers a schoolwide Title I program 

• works with Northeastern University 
nursing school students and 

• has a media center and a parent 

• has been completely renovated. 

Taylor Bementary School 

1060 Morton Street, Mattapan 
Cheryl Pontes, Principal 
©635-8731 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Taylor School. . . 

• is in a residential neighborhood near 
Gallivan Boulevard 

• has 690 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• offers Advanced Work Class for 
eligible students in grades 4-5 

• has a Haitian creole bilingual 
program and English as a Second 

• offers French, gym, art, music, and 
computer classes to all students 

• has a computer lab and several 
classroom computers 

• runs the Taylor School Store, open 
to all students 

• uses the Literature is Tops program 

• gives scholarships from Boston 
Ballet to eligible students 

• has new landscaping and has been 
recently renovated. 

Tynan Bementary School 

650 East 4th Street, South Boston 
Nancy M. Sheehan, Principal 


Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Tynan School. . . 

• is in a residential area, near Flood 

• has 530 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• has a Cape Verdean bilingual 

• has a physical fitness program at the 
Boston Athletic Club 

• has a computer lab and full-time art 
and music room 

• chooses schoolwide learning themes 

• uses literature and Whole Language 
to teach reading, and has the 
Literature Is Tops program 

• teaches math and science with 
"hands-on" activities, and 
participates actively in Project 
PALMS for math and science 

• offers school-based counseling and 
health services with the support of 
Boston Children's Services 

• teaches students that "Saving Makes 

• has a full-time library program, 
yearly book fairs, and reading 

• collaborates with Boston Partners in 
Education in a read aloud program 

:mentary schools 



and a tutoring program for grade 1 
• is a well-maintained, modified open- 
space school, with a modern gym. 

Students who live in the East Zone can 
also apply for three citywide elementary 
schools: the Hernandez (Kindergarten- 
grade 8), Mission Hill School 
(Kindergarten-grade 5), and Young 
Achievers (Kindergarten-grade 4). Please 
see pages 11-12. 

East Zone 



Cleveland Middle School 

1 1 Charles Street, Dorchester 
Jose Duarte, Principal 
(©635-8631 Hours: 7:35-1:35 

The Cleveland School. . . 

• is in Fields Corner, across from the 
MBTA station 

• has 725 students in grades 6-8 

• is a Visual & Performing Arts 
Theme School, offering day and 
after school arts programs 

• uses the arts as a vehicle for teaching 
and learning 

• offers full-time student support 
services with individual and group 
counseling through many 
community agencies 

• includes grade level inclusion 
programs, a full inclusion program, a 
Spanish bilingual program, and 
traditional curriculum programs 

• offers small class size 

• disciplines students fairly and 

• maintains partnerships with the New 
England Conservatory of Music, 
Boston Symphony Orchestra, 
Berklee School of Music, Boston 
Ballet, Laboure Center, Boston 
College, McDonald's, and 

Gavin Middle School 

215 Dorchester Street, 
South Boston 
Joseph Lee, Principal 
©635-8817 Hours: 7:30-1:30 

The Gavin School. . . 

• is located near Andrew Square 

• has 555 students in grades 6-8 

• is a Carnegie Turning Points School 

• is totally handicap-accessible and has 
Multiple Handicap programs 

• is clustered to include all students in 
smaller classes 

• has a JFK Library Corp 

• offers after school remediation 
programs for students who need 
extra help 

• is the originator of the Student 
Support Team concept for providing 

• is partners with Gillette Co. 

• has established a dress code. 

Sarah Greenwood Elementary & 
Middle School 

189 Glenway Street, Dorchester 

Isabel Mendez, Principal 

® 635-8710 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Sarah Greenwood School is open to 
students in Kindergarten-grade 8 who live 
in the East Zone. Please see page 15. 

The Harbor School 

An Expeditionary Learning Center 

at the Walter Denney Youth 

Center, Dorchester 

Scott Hartl, Project Director 

® 576-1260 X 19 Hours: 7:30-2:30 

The Harbor School is a new "pilot " school, 
opening in August 1997. It will. . . 

• be housed in the Walter Denney 
Youth Center at the Harbor Point 
Community, and collaborate with 
their after school enrichment 

• open with 60 students in grade 6, 
and grow one grade a year to serve 
grades 6-8 in a small school of 
approximately 180 students 

• create a safe environment for 
students that focuses on academic 
rigor, character development, 

I community service, and fitness 

• build strong academic skills and 
provide opportunities for students to 
apply and develop them through 
real-life projects 

• maintain a student to teacher ratio 
of 20 to 1 

• create strong relationships between 
students and teachers: Each entering 
class will work with the same team 
of teachers for three years 

• work closely with parents and 
community, including parents as an 
integral part of the school 
governance structure 

• use the academic and athletic 
facilities of nearby UMass-Boston 

• feature a whole-school chorus 

• bring resources and a focus on 
excellence to the school through 
strong partnerships with Harbor 
Point Community Task Force, 
UMass-Boston, Harvard Outward 
Bound Project, Northeastern U., 
Thompson Island Outward Bound 
Education Center, and 
Expeditionary Learning Outward 
Bound, a New American Schools 
design team. 




Lewenbepg Middle School 

20 Outlook Road, Mattapan 
Myrtlene Mayfield, Principal 
(©635-8623 Hours: 7:35-1:35 

The Lewenberg School. . . 

• is in a well-kept, residential area, 
with beautifully landscaped grounds 
(thanks to students and parents) 

• has 600 students in grades 6-8 

• has won hundreds of awards, 
including the National Center of 
Excellence in the Language Arts 
Award, National School Safety 
Award, and National Reader's 
Digest Award 

• features an award-winning staff, 
including six Golden Apple Award 
winners and three National Reader's 
Digest Award winners 

• offers an outstanding curriculum 
designed and implemented to 
increase academic achievement 

• uses cooperative learning to foster 
learning and negotiation skills, 
teamwork, and individual decision- 

• emphasizes reading and writing in all 

• offers an innovative Haitian 
bilingual program 

• offers French, art, music, sewing, 
and cooking 

• collaborates on programs with more 
than thirt)' agencies and 

• has partnerships with IBM, Lesley 
College, and Turning Points 

• houses Project Adventure and 
Expeditionary Learning, where 
students learn to trust in themselves 
and each other, to value teamwork, 
to relate to diversity, and to achieve 
academically, socially, and 

McCormack Middle School 

315 Mt. Vernon Street, Dorchester 

Robert Martin Jr., Principal 

® 635-8657 Hours: 7:30-1:30 

The McCormack School. . . 

• is near Harbor Point 

• has 700 students in grades 6-8 

• has been cited three times for 
excellence by the State Department 
of Education 

• has a ver)' active partnership with 
BankBoston, which provides many 
programs, achievement awards, free 
books, computers, mentors, and 

• works with the Kennedy Library, the 
Kennedy Library Corps, and UMass 
Urban Scholars 

• has six computer labs, with more 
than 175 computers 

• offers a Science Lab program for 
grades 7 and 8, with trips to Boston 
Harbor to study marine biology 

• has a Friday Activity Period during 
which students can do crafts, play 
Scrabble and chess, and more 

• has student awards ceremonies, 
chorus, and band 

• offers after school tutoring and 

• has the McCormack Kids Summer 
Institute at UMass-Boston and 
evening programs for parents 

• has a residency program with the 
Alvin Ailey and Paul Taylor dance 
companies, Arts in Progress, and 
Project Discovery; and three trips 
per child to the Museum of Fine 

Rogers Middle School 

15 Everett Street, Hyde Park 
Michael A. McCarthy, Principal 
(D 635-8700 Hours: 7:30-1:30 

The Rogers School. . . 

• is in a residential neighborhood, off 
Cleary Square 

• has 670 students in grades 6-8 

• has a Vietnamese bilingu. ' program 

• clusters students with a team of 

• has a technology wing and a 
communications theme 

• offers performing arts, a school 
chorus, and a current events 

• is partners with Curry College and 
the Hyde Park Branch Library 

• has after school enrichment and 

• has a school book store 

• has had recent renovations. 

Thompson Middle School 

100 Maxwell Street, Dorchester 
Ronald Spratling, Principal 
©635-8764 Hours: 7:35-1:35 

The Thompson School. . . 

• is in a residential area, near the 
intersection of Gallivan Boulevard 
and Morton Street 
has 400 students in grades 6-8 
takes pride in being a small school 
where staff know and nurture 

emphasizes the attitude, "College is 
for me!" 

offers college preparatory courses for 
all students: French, algebra, and 
computer usage 
has Advanced Work Class for 
eligible students in grade 6 
is organized so that teachers can plan 
and develop lessons together 
finished in second place in the 
citywide National Academic League 
offers after school sports, clubs, 
leagues, tutoring, and other activities 
is partners with Citizens Bank, 
Talent Search, and the Urban 

teaches reading in all classes, even 
math and science 
has been recently refurbished. 

:ast zone middle schools 




Wilson Middle School 

18 Croftland Avenue, Dorchester 

Rosalyn Browne, Principal 

(D 635-8827 Hours: 7:30- 1 :30 

The Wilson School. . . 

• is in a residential neighborhood, two 
blocks from Ashmont Station 

• has 570 students in grade 6-8 

• has Advanced Work Class for eligible 
students in grade 6 

• clusters students in small teams for 
all academic subjects 

• provides tutoring, mentoring, 
counseling, peer mediation, and after 
school sports and recreation 

• uses telecommunications to teach 
math and science 

• has four computer labs and two 
satellite communications systems 

• received the Secretary of Education's 
Award for Improved Parental 

• offers mentoring and tutoring 
programs with Harvard Business 
School, Boston College, and 
Bowdoin College 

• trains students in violence 
prevention and peer leadership 

• is Boston's only middle school to 
pilot a school-to-work model 

• offers college preparatory courses at 
UMass-Boston and a pre-engineering 

• is partners with Mitre Corporation 

• has a family center open during the 

• has won several grants for school 

• just had a Si million 

Students who live in the East Zone can 
also apply for three citywide middle 
schoob: Hernandez (Kindergarten-grade 
8). M. L. King Jr. (grades 6-8). and 
Timilty (grades 6-8). Please see pages 




Adams Bementary School 

165 Webster Street, East Boston 

Philip Marino, Principal 

® 635-8383 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Adams School.. 

• is in a residential neighborhood near 
Maverick Square, overlooking 
Boston Harbor and the skyline 

• has 350 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• has a computer lab and Computer 

• has a video team for news programs 
and special events 

• reaches out to the community 
through Community Service 

• has four Lead Teachers — tops in 
their profession — and two trained 
community service learning teachers 

• is creating a Women's Heritage Trail 
in East Boston 

• provides art and music programs 

• offers Title I math and reading 

• offers substance abuse workshops for 

• works with the East Boston 
Neighborhood Health Center 

• has recently been renovated. 

Allghleri Bementary School 

37 Gove Street, East Boston 

John Gillis, Principal 

(D 635-8529 Hours: 8:25-2:15 

The Alighieri School . . 

• is a small, friendly school near 
Maverick Square 

• has 200 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• uses both Whole Language and 
phonics to teach reading 

• has Reading is Fundamental/RIF 
and Books-and-Beyond programs to 
develop a love for reading 

• has IBM Writing-To-Read and 
Apple computer labs 

• has a parent center 

• often visits and performs at the 
nearby Lyman Elderly Apartments 

• has strong pairings with the East 
Boston Neighborhood Health 
Center, Kiwanis, Northeastern and 
Boston University medical schools, 
Boston Police, the Chamber of 
Commerce, MassPort, East Boston 
District Court, Wheelock College, 
Boston Ballet, and Gillette retirees 

• is a clean school, newly painted, 
with modern lighting, new roof, and 
newly finished wood floors. 

Baldwin Bementary School 

121 Corey Road, Brighton 

Suzanne Lee, Principal 

€ 635-8460 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Baldwin School. . . 

• is close to Brookline, in a diverse 
and pleasant neighborhood 

• has 300 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• uses the Writing-to-Read program in 
first grade 

• has an extensive partnership with 
Boston College, where we hold our 
Junior Olympic Day 

• is a Boston Plan for Excellence 21st 
Century School 



works with Foster Grandparents for 

friendship and tutoring 

offers support services for students 

experiencing difficuhies 

has arts, gym, and computer classes 

has an active school site council 

offers English as a Second Language 

works on character development 

through the Humane Society's 

Operation Outreach: Each student 

will receive two books a year for five 


has just been renovated, with new 

windows and fences — and has three 

beautiful greenhouse windows and a 

"green" outdoor area where students 

learn how to garden. 

Blackstone Elementary School 

380 Shawmut Avenue, Boston 
Frida Rodriguez, Principal 
(©635-8471 Hours: 9:25-3:15 

The Blackstone School. . . 

• is located in a multi-ethnic 
neighborhood in the South End 

• has 975 students in Early 
Childhood-grade 5 

• offers Early Childhood programs for 
special needs three and four-year- 
olds as well as for multi-handicapped 

• has a Spanish bilingual program 

• uses team teaching and plans lessons 
around central themes and goals 

• offers after school tutoring in 
reading and math 

• has a before school Citizens in 
Training Group (CTG) for grades 4 
and 5 

has a parent center for workshops, 
special activities, and meetings 
offers swimming, gym, art, music, 
and theater arts 

has three computer labs: WICAT, 
Writing-To-Read, and IBM 
has a choir for grades 4-5 
uses the Cumulative Writing Folder 
system to teach writing to students 
in grades 1-5 

participates in Boston Ballet's City 
Dance program for grade 3 
works hard to improve student 
reading through our Reading 
Recovery program, early literacy 
program, Reading Calendar, and 
Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) 
has over 50 volunteers who provide 
weekly mentoring, reading services, 
and classroom support for teachers 
has a choir for grades 3-5. 

North Zone Schools 

iiiiiiin ii ■iiiiiiii ftii t>ii rtiiiiiiiiil iiiimiii 



Bradley Elementary School 

10 Beachview Road, East Boston 
Robert Lyons, Principal 

(D 635-8422 

Hours: 8:25-2:15 

The Bradley School. . . 

• is in the residential area of Orient 

• has 350 children in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• offers an Early Childhood Program 

• has Advanced Work Class for 
eligible students in grades. 4-5 

• uses the Integrated Learning System 
(computer assisted instruction) in a 
newly equipped Macintosh lab for 
grades 1-5 

• has a Logan Airport career awareness 
program, developed in partnership 
with Massport, for grades 4-5 

• emphasizes strong writing skills, 
using word processing and the 
Cumulative Writing Folder in 
grades 2-5 

• offers ballet lessons through the 
Boston Ballet City Dance program 
for selected children in grades 3-5 
(and beyond, for students chosen for 
advanced instruction): One of our 
fourth graders recently danced in 
Boston Ballet's "The Nutcracker" • 
is paired with Northeastern 
University and Salem State College 
as a site to train student teachers. 

Early Learning Center/North 

at the Jackson/Mann School 
40 Armington Street, Allston 
Ellen Lee McCarthy, Director 
(D 635-8409 Hours: 7:30-6:00 

The North Zone Early Learning Center. . . 

• is located in the Jackson/Mann 
complex, a large, modern school in 

Union Square 

• has 100 students from age 3 to 
grade 1 

• offers a full day program, p\us, free 
before and after school care from as 
early as 7:30 A.M. to as late as 
6:00 P.M. 

• integrates students with special 
needs and regular education students 
in all classes 

• has small classes and a 
developmental curriculum which 
nurtures young children 

• offers science, music, and physical 

• has computers in all classrooms 

• is a Boston Plan for Excellence 21st 
Century School 

• mentors student teachers from 
Boston University and Wheelock 

• is a work study site for Boston 

• uses the Jackson/Mann's library, 
large gymnasium, and cafeteria. 

Blot Elementary School 

16 Charter Street, Boston 

Sonia Diaz Salcedo, Principal 

® 635-8545 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Eliot School. . . 

• is located in the North End, on the 
Freedom Trail, and traces its 
beginnings to 1713 

• has 240 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• uses nearby resources: We can walk 
to the Paul Revere House, Museum 
of Science, Computer Museum, 
Children's Museum, New England 
Aquarium, Old State House, and 
Old North Church 

• is partners with the Berkshire Group 

• brings in performers such as the 
Brown Bag Opera, Young 
Audiences, and the Boston Opera 

• participates in community-based 

programs such as Know Your 
Neighborhood and American 
History (Revolutionary War) Studies 

• belongs to the Boston Music 
Education Collaborative 

• has a mentor program 

• is applying for membership in 
Brown University's Coalition of 
Essential Schools 

• has a fully equipped, state-of-the-art 
Macintosh computer lab. 

Emerson Elementary School 

6 Shirley Road, Roxbury 

Robert Salamone, Principal 

(0 635-8507 Hours: 8:25-2:15 

The Emerson School. . . 

• is in an established family 
neighborhood, near St. Patrick's 

• has 300 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• provides a safe, secure, nuturing 
environment where a positive self- 
concept is recognized as the 
foundation for success in life 

• has one of the highest student 
attendance rates in the city 

• offers a Cape Verdean bilingual 
program with many cross-cultural 

• has an after school enrichment and 
remediation program 

• has a Computer Club and chorus 

• is a teacher training site for local 
colleges and universities 

• offers individual and family 

• collaborates with many local cultural 
agencies: Strand Theatre, Brown Bag 
Opera, New England Opera 
Company, Arts in Progress, Cantata 
Singers, and others 

• collaborates with neighborhood 
groups such as the Shirley-Eustis 
House and Dudley Street 
Neighborhood Initiative. 



Farragut Bementary School 

10 Fenwood Road, Boston 

Charles Ray, Principal 

© 635-8450 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Farragut School... 

is in an historic area off Huntington 
Ave., near Brigham Circle 
has 275 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

has high expectations for all its 

offers parents the option of the same 
teacher for grades 4-5 
has Advanced Work Class for 
eligible students in grades 4-5 
has an optional uniform policy 
has a full-time physical education 

has an active computer class 
offers "Making Music": free 
instrumental music lessons with 
teachers from Boston University 

• is partners with the Children's 
Hospital Dental Program, New 
England Baptist Hospital, Gardner 
Museum, and Museum of Fine Arts 

• offers Spanish and French language 

Gardner flementary School 

30 Athol Street, Allston 

Catalina Montes, Principal 

(D 635-8365 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Gardner School. . . 

• is in an established neighborhood 

• has 510 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• has a Spanish bilingual program and 
English as a Second Language 

• uses the Success Maker computer 
integrated learning system in all 

• has an after school program 

• is part of the Boston Music 
Education Collaborative (grades 1-5) 

• has a Reading at Home program 

• hosts live performances by the 

Handel & Haydn Socict)' and others 

• gets student teachers and interns 
from Boston College and Boston 

• works with Mass. Audubon Society 
for nature walks and animal 

• is partners with McNamara House, 
Boston Partners in Education, 
Genzyme Corporation, and 
Computer Curriculum Corp. 

• offers in-school counseling with 
Allston-Brighton Mental Health 

• offers gym classes at Boston 
University and gets mentors and 
tutors from Harvard Business School 

• teaches violence prevention in all 
grades and hosts an annual Violence 
Prevention March 

• has a full-time nurse 

• hosts Student of the Month 
breakfasts with the principal 

• has rwo playgrounds: one for 
younger and one for older students 

• was renovated in 1993. 

Garfield Elementary School 

95 Beechcroft Street, Brighton 
Victoria Megias-Batista, Principal 
® 635-8351 Hours: 8:35-2:25 

The GarfieU School... 

• is in Faneuil Square, near Brighton 

• has 370 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• keeps a Writing Folder for every 
student in grades 2-5 

• uses Books and Beyond, Writing-to- 
Read, Jostens, Children's Writing 
and Publishing, Computer 
Curriculum Corp. (CCC), and other 
reading and writing programs 

• offers before and after school 

• is a Boston Plan for Excellence 21st 
Century School 

• provides counseling from Allston- 
Brighton Health Center 

• includes special education students 
in regular education classrooms to 
increase their self-esteem and 

• is a schoolwide Title I school 

• uses team teaching during reading 

• is wired to the Internet and is 
bringing technology to each 

• has three EM-MAT (Elementary & 
Middle Math & Technology) 
teachers, who enhance the math 
curriculum every year 

• explores new approaches to science, 
math, and technology 

• is training its teachers in the Whole 
Language philosophy of teaching 
reading and writing 

• praises diversity and has great 
expectations for all our students. 

Guild Elementary School 

195 Leyden Street, East Boston 

Simon Ho, Principal 

(D 635-8523 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Guild School... 

• is in Orient Heights on the Blue 

• has over 240 students in 
Kindergarten-grade 5 

• includes special education students 
in the regular classroom, with 
smaller class sizes 

• offers a Chinese bilingual program 
in Kindergarten-grade 5 

• has a before school program offering 
enrichment and computer activities 

• has a Writing-To-Read computer 
lab to help primar)' grade students 
improve their writing skills 

• offers all students computer, physical 
education, music, and arts lessons 
each week 

• scores above the national average in 
reading and math in grades 3 and 5 



• teaches math concepts through 
"hands-on" materials and other new 

• has Peace Games volunteers working 
with students to create safe school 

• offers Mandarin language 
instruction to Kindergarten and 
grade 3 

• collaborates with Tufts University to 
provide professional development 
for staff 

• has ESL classes for parents, and 
"classroom parents" to keep all 
parents informed. 

Hamilton Elementary School 

198 Strathmore Road, Brighton 

John MoUoy, Principal 

® 635-8388 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Hamilton School... 

• is near Cleveland Circle, on the 
Brookline border 

• has 250 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• has a before school program 

• has a Writing-to-Read Computer 

• reflects the diversity of the city, with 
students from 20 countries and 

• offers physical education through 
Boston University 

• has tutors from Boston University, 
Boston College, Boston Partners in 
Education, and Foster Grandparents 

• has a parent center. 

Harvard/Kent Bementary School 

50 Bunker Hill Street, Charlestown 

Jack Halloran, Principal 

(0 635-8358 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Harvard/Kent School. . . 

• is located in a residential 
neighborhood, at the Bunker Hill 
Monument on the Freedom Trail 

• has 600 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• features an award-winning staff, 
including Golden Apple Award and 
private foundation winners 

• takes pride in being diverse, 
determined, and dynamic 

• has a warm and caring atmosphere 

• has state-of-the-art programs for 
beginning readers 

• has three IBM computer labs, and 
many Macintosh computers in 

• uses computers and "hands-on" 
materials every day to practice math 
and science 

• offers English as a Second Language 
for parents 

• collaborates with lots of museums: 
Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of 
Science, New England Aquarium, 
Peabody Museum, Children's 
Museum, and Computer Museum 

• addresses the complex issues of 
violence through Peace Games 

• is partners with Tufts University, 
Center for Applied Special 
Technology, Boston Community 
Music Center, Mitsubishi Electric, 
and Scudder, Stevens & Clarke 
Financial Services, which provide 
direct services to students and staff 

• has a City Year team working in our 

• is a bright, beautifully designed 
school, in "first-class" condition. 

Hurley Bementary School 

70 Worcester Street, Boston 

Nora E. Pou, Principal 

® 635-8489 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Hurley School. . . 

• is a small, attractive, well-maintained 
school in the South End, near 
Symphony Hall 

• has 350 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• offers a two-way bilingual program 
in Kindergarten-grade 5, where 
students learn together in Spanish 
and English: Parents must indicate 
their interest in this program on the 
registration form 

• teaches science and math "hands-on" 

• has a Parent Center and parent 

• offers a schoolwide writing program 
and a home/school reading 
awareness program 

• has full-time computer and physical 
education teachers 

• has before and after school programs 

• participates in Boston Ballet City 
Dance, and offers chess lessons 

• is partners with Boston University, 
City Mission Society/Artist in 
Residence Program, Copley Place, 
Neiman Marcus, Northeastern 
University, South End Clinic, and 
Peat Marwick 

• has a poet and other artists who 
work with students every week 

• has a Student Support Team 

• is a Boston Plan for Excellence 21st 
Century School, and has received 
several other major grants. 

Jackson/ Mann Bementary School 

40 Armington Street, Allston 
Joanne Collins Russell, Principal 
® 635-8532 Hours: 7:35-1:25 

The Jackson/Mann School. . . 

• is a large, modern school in Union 



• has 710 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• has a Student Support team 

• is pioneering the concept of full 
integration of special needs students 
through a Vanguard Grant 

• uses computer-assisted instruction 

• provides an effective program for 
Vietnamese bilingual students 

• offers arts, foreign language, science, 
and physical education classes 

• collaborates with Boston University 
and Wheelock College for 
mentoring, math, and science 

• is a Professional Development 
Center for Boston University and 
Wheelock College 

• enjoys a strong business partnership 
with Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., 
and works with Young Audiences, 
Weston High School, and Allston- 
Brighton Mental Health Center 

• offers before and after school care 
through the Jackson/Mann 
Communit}' Center. 

P. J. Kennedy Bementary School 

343 Saratoga Street, East Boston 

Eugene Ellis, Principal 

(D 635-8466 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Patrick Kennedy School... 

is in a residential neighborhood, 
near Day Square 

has 330 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

has a state-of-the-art Macintosh 
computer lab 

uses an interactive beginning literacy 
system in our Title I program 
has award-winning art and computer 

holds a monthly book swap and an 
annual Science Fair 
has four Lead Teachers, tops in their 

publishes a school newspaper and a 
weekly parent newsletter 
extends reading to the home through 

Books and Beyond 

• pairs Kindergarten and grade 4 
students for reading practice 

• offers counseling and mentoring 

• donates student-made books and 
calendars to hopsitals and nursing 

• is newly renovated and looks great. 

Lyon Bementary School 

50 Beechcroft Street, Brighton 

Mary Nash, Principal 

©635-7945 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Lyon School. . . 

• is located on a residential street 
between Brighton Center and Oak 

• has 90 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• offers a before and after school 

• fully integrates 30 special needs 
students with 60 regular education 
students in six classes of 1 5 students: 
All teachers hold Master's degrees 
and are certified in both regular and 
special education 

• staffs each class with a teacher and 
an assistant 

• has the highest staff attendance rate 
in the city 

• has been over-chosen by parents 
since 1993 

• has won many awards and is a 
Boston Plan for Excellence 21st 
Century School 

• has partnerships with Boston 
College, Wheelock College, and 
Walker School. 

Mason Bementary School 

150 Norfolk Avenue, Roxbury 

Mary Russo, Principal 

(D 635-8405 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Mason School . . 

• is located across from a park in the 
Newmarket area 

has 270 students from age 3 to 

grade 5 

offers a full-day Early Childhood 

program for ages 3 and 4, with free 

afternoon surround care 

twice won the City Management 

Excellence Award 

was cited by the U. S. Dept. of 

Education for its exemplary Title I 

reading program in 1995 & 1996 

has small class sizes and a teacher's 

aid in each classroom 

is a state demonstration site for 

Accelerated Schools, challenging 

students to go beyond "normally" 

expected schoolwork 

gives parents a choice of teachers 

offers the innovative "Mason Way" 

reading program for grades 1-2 and 

Reading Recover)' in grade 1 

uses "learning-by-doing " in math 

and science and has computers in 

every classroom 

offers an intensive reading and 

writing program for Kindergarten 

has before and after school programs 

and a 6-week, full-day summer 

academic program 

schedules three individual parent 

conferences a year 

offers 5^imming, French, fencing 

lessons, music, art, and theatre 

is partners with John Hancock 

Financial Services, Newmarket 

Business Assoc, Boston Parks & 

Recreation, Boston Communit}' 

Centers, Boston College, City Year, 

Harvard School of Education, and 

Wheelock College 

• has on-site counseling for children 
and families 

• has recently had a $1.4 million 



McKay Bementary & Middle School 

122 Cottage Street, East Boston 
Ronald Jackson, Principal 
©635-8510 Hours: 9:15-3:05 

The McKay School. . . 

• is in a residential neighborhood near 
the Callahan Tunnel 

• is an elementary and a middle 
school, with 670 students in 
Kindergarten-grade 8 

• has before and after school 
programs, with activities to improve 
writing and social skills through East 
Boston Leaders in Tobacco 
Education (ELITE) 

• has active partnerships with Cabot 
Corp. and Boston Children's 

• is a Boston Plan for Excellence 21st 
Century School 

• offers Spanish bilingual classes in 
Kindergarten-grade 5 

• helps bilingual students in grades 1 
and 2 improve reading skills through 
science with Project SCHEMA 

• uses music to enhance education 
through the Boston Music 
Education Collaborative 

• uses "efficacy" training for staff to 
support the belief that all children 
can learn 

• provides many opportunities for 
parent education and involvement 

• focuses on increasing self-esteem and 
school performance among girls 

• teaches students to resolve conflicts 

O'Donnell Bementary School 

33 Trenton Street, East Boston 

John Waggett, Principal 

(D 635-8454 Hours: 8:35-2:25 

The O Donne II School. . . 

• is near Central Square, between the 
Umana/Barnes and East Boston 
High School 

• has 350 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• has a 21st century technology plan: 
74 computers in a new Macintosh 
lab, connection to a reading and 
math network, a writing and reading 
lab, and Internet access 

• has a program during and after 
school with East Boston Harborside 
Community Center 

• offers a reading tutorial program 
with the Harborside Afterschool 

• offers many ways to support students 
academically and socially: 
schoolwide Title I, tutoring, ESL, a 
special education reading project, 
writing folders. Voices of Love and 
Freedom, and new ways of 
measuring achievement 

• has partnerships and projects with 
other East Boston schools. Eastern 
Gas, Browne Fund, Executive 
Service Corps, Boston Private 
Industry Council, Boston Police and 
Fire departments. North Suffolk 
Counselling Center, East Boston 
Health Center, Boston Ballet, and 
Museum of Fine Arts 

• has a great new playground and 
landscaped schoolyard. 

Otis Bementary School 

218 Marion Street, East Boston 

Thomas Connelly, Principal 

® 635-8372 Hours: 9:25-3: 1 5 

The Otis School. . . 

• is located between Maverick Square 
and Day Square 

• has over 425 students in 
Kindergarten-grade 5 

• has bilingual programs for 
Kindergarten-grade 5 in Spanish and 

• has a multilingual teaching staff 

• has at least three computers in every 

• has a new before school program 

• offers instruction in art, music, and 
language in a totally integrated, 
multicultural environment 

• offers a family counseling program 
for grade 4 

• maintains active partnerships with 
Johnson & Higgins, Wheelock 
College, UMass-Boston, and Boston 
College through their student 
teaching programs 

• has a parent learning center and 
strong parent involvement through 
parent councils in English, Spanish, 
and Portuguese 

• fosters an environment that reflects 
the joy of teaching and learning, 
created by a highly professional 
faculty and well-mannered children. 

Quincy Bementary School 

885 Washington Street, Boston 

Bale Fun Wong, Principal 

® 635-8497 Hours: 8:25-2:15 

The Quincy School. . . 

• is a bright, modern school in 

• has over 900 beautiful students in 
Kindergarten-grade 5 

• plans to open a new "pilot" Upper 
School in 1997 for grade 6 at 
another location 

• has a Chinese bilingual program 

• won an Excellence in Education 
Award from the U. S. Dept. of 

• uses traditional and new teaching 
methods in recognition of the many 
learning styles of our students 

• features academic 



departmentalization in grades 4-5 

• pioneers the use of technology to 
prepare our students for the 21st 

• has Advanced Work Class for 
eligible students in grades 4-5 

• has after school clubs, marching 
band, concert chorus, African- 
American and Asian-American dance 
troupes. School Olympics, and more 

• has partnerships with BankBoston, 
New England Medical Center, 
Suffolk University, and American 
Management Systems 

• distributes a monthly parent 
newsletter and curriculum updates 
so parents know what their child is 

• occupies a complex with two 
swimming pools, rooftop play decks, 
gym, auditorium, community 
center, and health center. 

Tobjn Elementary & Middle School 

40 Smith Street, Roxbury 

Janet Short, Principal 

® 635-8393 Hours: 8:35-2:25 

The Tobin School. . . 

• is located on Mission Hill, behind 
Mission Church and the library 

• is an elementary and a middle 
school, with 570 students in 
Kindergarten-grade 8 

• has traditional, self-contained 
classrooms for Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• is a Visual & Performing Arts 
Theme School, offering: after school 
classes in theater, arts and music; 
guest artists and performances, 
including an Alvin Alley Dance 
Residency; schoolwide productions 
of "The Nutcracker" and a spring 
musical; and more 

• publishes student writing through 
the Teddy Tobin Writing Project 

• has partnerships with Brigham & 
Women's Hospital, Northeastern 

University, Harvard School of 
Public Health, and the Tobin 
Community Center 

• provides Northeastern University 
scholarships to qualified graduates 

• provides counseling and social 
services on-site 

• has the Tobin School Family 
Support Program, with a Family 
Center, Family Coordinator, 
Parenting Partners, Family 
Exchange, and family learning 

• is a Boston Plan for Excellence 21st 
Century School 

• has won many grants and awards. 

Warren/Prescott Bementary School 

50 School Street, Charlestown 
Domenic Amara, Principal 

(D 635-8346 

Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Warren/Prescott School. . . 
is a friendly school located in a 
residential neighborhood near the 
Bunker Hill Monument 
has 445 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

offers physical education, art, music, 
and computer 
has a student support team 
has professional development 
programs with Simmons College, 
MIT, and Wheelock College 
uses the facilities of the Charlestown 
Boys & Girls Club 
is partners with Thompson 
Financial, which provides 20 
volunteers for reading 
works with the MENTOR 
Counseling Services and Bunker Hill 
Health Center 

has a special education program, 
including L/AB and autistic classes 
produces four school plays and other 
presentations each year 
has many programs to encourage 
and improve reading 
has a brand-new playground. 

Winship Elementary School 

54 Dighton Street, Brighton 

Antonio Barbosa, Principal 

® 635-8399 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Winship School. . . 

• is located in a multicultural 
neighborhood near Brighton Center 

• has 400 students in Early Childhood 
(ages 3-5)-grade 5 

• has a Spanish bilingual program 

• uses literature-based reading 
programs in English and Spanish 
that incorporate thematic, integrated 
instruction with a variety of 
materials and strategies 

• emphasizes writing, beginning in 

• teaches math using National 
Council of Teachers of Mathematics 
pre-algebra activities and computers 

• participates in an innovative science 
program. Global Learning and 
Observations to Benefit the 
Environment (GLOBE) 

• is on the Internet 

• invites children to sing, create, and 
learn about music from a 
multicultural perspective 

• offers Title I support services in 
ESL, reading, native language, and 
Reading Recovery 

• has a busy library, with storytelling 
and research projects 

• promotes inclusion of special needs 
students in regular classrooms 

• is partners with many area colleges 
and agencies, and with Deaconess 
Hospital for professional 
development and classroom activities 

• has a Parent Center Book Swap 

• offers Girl Scouting for 
grades 1-5. 



Winthrop Bementary School 

35 Brookford Street, Dorchester 

Stanley Swartz, Principal 

(£) 635-8379 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Winthrop School. . . 

• is in a residential area off Blue Hill 

• has 300 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• has consistently scored above the 
national average and is among the 
top ranking Boston elementary 
schools on citywide, standardized 
reading and math tests 

• is traditionally structured, in self- 
contained classrooms, with emphasis 
on discipline and high academic and 
social standards in a nurturing 

• has an outstanding early childhood 
program emphasizing individual 

• offers Advanced Work Class for 
eligible students in grades 4 and 5 

• has a computer lab, as well as 
computers and Internet access in 
many classrooms 

• values a strong link between parents 
and the school 

• has received grants from the 
National Science Foundation and 
has partnerships for science with 
Wheelock College and Arnold 

• is newly renovated, bright, and 

Students who live in the North Zone can 
also apply for three citywide elementary 
schoob: the Hernandez (Kindergarten- 
grade 8), Mission Hill School 
(Kindergarten-grade 5), and Young 
Achievers (Kindergarten-grade 4). Please 
see pages 11-12. 




Dearborn Middle School 

35 Greenville Street, Roxbury 
John Shields, Principal 
® 635-8412 Hours: 7:30-3:10 

(12:45 on Fri.) 

The Dearborn School. . . 

• is located in a residential area near 
Dudley Square, in the former 
Roxbury High School building 

• has 445 students in grades 6-8 

• offers Project Promise, an extended 
day program that has won several 
awards, including the Freedom 
Foundation George Washington 

clusters each grade with a team of 

has a multimedia library and two 
computer labs 

has a Cape Verdean bilingual 

offers Advanced Work Classes for 
eligible students in grade 6 
provides Algebra I in grade 8 
collaborates with Northeastern 
University for math and science 

provides "hands-on" projects in the 
science lab 

offers school and community based 

offers chorus, orchestra, after school 
sports, peer leadership, pen pals, 
mentoring, tutoring, and student 
support services 

• has business partnerships with 
Federal Reserve Bank and Fallon 
Hines & O'Connor 

• sponsors career awareness programs 

• has received a Schoolyard Initiative 
Grant for schoolyard landscaping. 

Edison Middle School 

60 Glenmont Road, Brighton 

Elliot Stern, Principal 

<B 635-8436 Hours: 7:30-1:30 

The Edison School. . . 

• is in a beautiful, residential area, 
near St. John's Seminary 

• has 700 students in grades 6-8 

• clusters students in mini-schools 
with a team of teachers who meet 
daily to plan together and talk with 

• has Peer Mediation and Mock Trial 

• offers after school programs: 
tutoring, preparation for the test for 
admission to Boston's examination 
schools, group sports, chess, 
computers... and snacks! 

• integrates bilingual and special needs 
students in all mini-schools 

• has computer drafting and design; 
and IBM and Macintosh computer 

• is partners with Boston University, 
Boston College, Work/Family 
Directions, and the Harvard School 
of Public Health for mentors, 
instrumental music lessons, and 

• teaches using themes and 
cooperative learning to encourage 
students to be critical thinkers and 
active learners 

• uses larger block teaching times 
which combine social studies, 
English, reading, math, and science. 



' MJ'%J 

Edwards Middle School 

28 Walker Street, Charlestown 
Charles McAfee, Principal 
©635-8516 Hours: 7:35-1:35 

The Edwards School. . . 

• is three blocks from the Bunker Hill 

• has 500 students in grades 6-8 

• has a Chinese bilingual program 

• uses computers and technology in 
the library for research and Internet 

• clusters students by grade, with 
special needs and bilingual students 
in all clusters 

• offers lots of support services 
through Harvard interns, Boston 
University, Bunker Hill Community 
Health Center psychologists. Big 
Sisters program, South End 
Community Health Center, and 
Boston Police 

• is an active partner with Keane 
Corporation, Citizens Bank, and 
three schools of education: Boston 
University, Harvard, and Simmons 

• offers a chorus and after school 
academics and sports, including 
research skills, tutoring, board 
games, basketball, track, flag 
football, and ping pong 

• has an annual schoolwide science 
fair: Every student does a project 

• explores careers, with guest speakers 
and a Career Day 

• encourages students to "Stay in 
School, " with support from 
McDonald's, the NBA, and Sports 

McKay Elementary & Middle School 

122 Cottage Street, East Boston 
Ronald Jackson, Principal 
(£635-8510 Hours: 9:15-3:05 

The McKay School is open to students in 
Kindergarten-grade 8 who live in the 
North Zone. Please see page 28. 

Quincy Upper School 

Downtown site to be announced 
Bak Fun Wong, Principal 

® 635-8497 

Hours: 8:30-4:30 

The Quincy Upper School is a new "pibt" 
school for grades 6-12. It is scheduled to 
open in August 1997, contingent on 
securing a site. It will. . . 

• be located in the downtown area 

• enroll 1 50 students in grade 6, and 
expand one grade per year 

• give preference for admission to 
students currently enrolled in the 
Quincy Elementary School: Any 
remaining seats will be available to 
North Zone students through the 
"controlled choice " student 
assignment plan 

• create the only unified K- 12 school 
in the Boston Public Schools 

• continue the mission, culture, and 
climate of the Quincy K-5 school 

• be organized in four "pavillions": 
Information for science, math and 
technology; Cultural, developing 
historical and cultural sensitivities; 
Pathfinding, encouraging individual 
expression and exploring 21st 
century issues; and Renewal, 
focusing on mental, physical and 
emotional health 

• offer Advanced Work Class for 
eligible students in grade 6 

• offer an extended day program 

• feature family contracts requiring 
parent involvement, parent 
education, and student compliance 
with the Code of Conduct. 

Taft Middle School 

20 Warren Street, Brighton 

Irene McCarthy, Principal 

(D 635-8428 Hours: 7:35-1:35 

The Tafi School.. 

• has 525 students (from 40 
countries!) in grades 6-8 

• clusters students with teaching teams 

for personal attention 

• is well known for its top-notch 
computer technology and 

• has four computer labs, a new 
Computer Learning Center, and 
computers in every classroom 

• has a Chinese bilingual program 

• is a full inclusion school, with special 
needs and regular education students 
learning together 

• offers lots of electives, including 
French, art, and media technology 

• works with the Gardner Museum, 
the Museum of Science, Kids to 
College, and Voyages in Learning 

• is partners with the Harvard School 
of Education and Harvard School of 
Business for Saturday morning 
sports, mentors, tutors, and pen pals; 
and with WGBH/Channel 2, 
Boston College, and the Boston 
University Consortium. 

Tobin Elementary & Middle School 

40 Smith Street, Roxbury 

Janet Short, Principal 

® 635-8393 Hours: 8:35-2:25 

The Tobin School is open to students in 
Kindergarten-grade 8 who live in the 
North Zone. Please see page 29. 

Umana/Barnes Middle School 

312 Border Street, East Boston 
Richard D. O'Neil, Principal 


Hours: 7:35-1:35 

The Umana/Barnes School. . . 

• is attractive and modern, near 
Boston Harbor 

• has 850 students in grades 6-8 

• clusters students with a team of five 
or more teachers 

• offers many electives: computers, art, 
home economics, theater arts, and 
physical education 

• encourages children with special 
needs to participate in the Special 


"ST zoMF Fi e:me:ntary 



• works with MIT, Mass. College of 
Pharmacy, Museum of Science, 
UMass-Boston, and the Harvard- 
Smithsonian Center 

• offers Portuguese and Spanish 
bilingual programs 

• enrolls 50-60 grade 7 students from 
across the city in the PAL alternative 

• encourages all students to join the 
school's Water Safety program 

• is a Boston Plan for Excellence 21st 
Century School, and has received 
grants for special education, math, 
science, and technology. 

Students who live in the North Zone can 
also apply for three city wide middle 
schools: Hernandez (Kindergarten-grade 
8), M. L. King Jr. (grades 6-8). and 
Timilty (grades 6-8). Please see pages 




Agassiz Bementary School 

20 Child Street, Jamaica Plain 
Alfredo Nunez, Principal 
©635-8198 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Agassiz School . . 

• is off South Street, near Forest Hills 

• has 850 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• uses thematic teaching, weaving a 
theme through all subjects 

• requires every student to keep a 

• has a multicultural curriculum, with 
art, music, dance, literature, and 
guest artists from all over the world 

• uses the "outdoor classroom" — the 
Agassiz Arboleda — and has an 
environmental science program that 
pairs high school students with 
second graders 

• has two before school programs: one 
available to everyone, and ALERTA 
for selected students 

• is wired throughout for the Internet 

• is a Boston Plan for Excellence 21st 
Century School 

• has been spruced up by parents, with 
an orchard, teaching gardens, and 

Bates Bementary School 

426 Beech Street, Roslindale 
Catherine James, Principal 

® 635-8064 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Bates School... 

• is in a residential neighborhood, 
near Roslindale Square 

• has 350 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• uses Whole Language, Guided 
Novel Reading, and a home reading 
program to reinforce the new 
citywide learning standards 

• has two before school programs: 
One offers tutoring for at-risk 
students, and the other offers indoor 
and outdoor activities 

• has Advanced Work Class for 
eligible students in grades 4-5 

• uses a "hands-on" approach for 
math, science, and computer 

• awards monthly certificates to 
promote self-esteem and recognize 
individual achievements 

• uses creative arts to learn about 
Boston's many cultures and 


• uses schoolwide thematic units to 
unify the curriculum 

• publishes a school newspaper 

• has tutors from Boston Partners in 

• has a parent center and strong parent 

• was a finalist in Barnes & Noble's 
"Brainquest " competition 

• has "Mind & Body" workshops for 
students, parents, and staff 

Beethoven Bementary School 

5125 Washington Street, 

West Roxbury 

James E. Kirk, Principal 

® 635-8149 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Beethoven School.. 

• is in a suburban setting, not far from 
the Dedham Mall 

• has 350 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• has specialists in music, art, physical 
education, and computers 

• features a state-of-the-art computer 
lab and a schoolwide computer 
network with access to the Internet 

• has a large auditorium for music and 
physical education 

• offers an enrichment program for 
talented and gifted students in 
grades 2-5 

• is a member of the Accelerated 
Schools Network, with high 
expectations for all students 

• promotes writing as a major 
curriculum focus 

• has a parent center 

• features a parent-organized Home 
Reading Program for grades 1-5 

• has partnerships with Boston 
Community Services, Xerox, Curry 
College, Arnold Arboretum, and the 
West Roxbury Civic & 
Improvement Association 

• has a fantastic new community 




Conley Betnentary School 

450 Poplar Street, Roslindale 

James F. Daly, Principal 

(0 635-8099 Hours: 9: 1 5-3:05 

The Conley School. . . 

• is in a residential neighborhood, on 
the Hyde Park border 

• has 275 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• has a computer lab 

• works with the Boy Scouts of 

• takes part in Reading is 
Fundamental/RIF, Literature is 
Tops, and drug education programs 

• works with the Museum of Science, 
the Museum of Fine Arts, the 
Boston Globe Current Events series, 
the National Science Foundation, 
National Football League, Lifespan 

Inc., and Family Services of Greater 

• has a schoolwide pilot program, "I 
Am a Good Person, " to improve 

• trains student teachers from Curry 
College and UMass-Boston. 

J. M. Curley Bementary School 

40 Pershing Road, Jamaica Plain 

Kathleen Armstrong, Principal 

(D 635-8239 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The James M. Curley School. . . 

• is located on a tree-lined residential 
street, near the Jamaica Plain 
business district 

• has 340 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• offers a safe and exciting learning 
environment for all its students 

has a parent-organized before school 

has a fully equipped computer lab 
for writing, plus two more computer 

is a Title 1 school 
has partnerships with many local 
businesses, agencies, and universities 
has "Discovery, " a unique, literature- 
based thematic program in small 
classes (about 14 students) for an 
hour a day 

holds an annual science fair 
publishes a weekly bulletin, monthly 
calendar, classroom newsletters, an 
arts newspaper, a bi-monthly 
magazine, and Curleycues — a book 
of children's writing 
offers art and physical education to 
all students 

has active parent-teacher 
committees, and parent-sponsored 

West Zone Schools 







• offers music lessons before school 

• has rwo Reading Recovery teachers 
and literacy groups for grades 1 
and 2 

• emphasizes self-esteem and 
improved student performance 

• is a Boston Plan for Excellence 21st 
Century School 

• has a new playground built by 
parents, teachers, students, and 
community volunteers. 

Dickerman Elementary School 

206 Magnolia Street, Dorchester 

Jessica Bolt, Principal 

® 635-8253 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Dickerman School. . . 

• is in a residential neighborhood, 
near Uphams Corner 

• has 330 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• has a mentor program for students 
from the Mass. Housing Finance 
Agency, now entering its sixth year 

• has Arts in Progress, Community 
Music Center, Young Audiences, 
and Literature is Tops programs 

• believes parents are a valuable 
resource, and encourages them to 
visit the classroom or help the 

• has art, computers, and physical 
education for all classes 

• has quarterly awards assemblies to 
build self-esteem 

• was modernized in 1991, with warm 
colors, new windows, and sanded 

Early Learning Center/West 

at the Hennigan School 

200 Heath Street, Jamaica Plain 

Valerie Gumes, Director 

(D 635-8275 Hours: 7:30-6:00 

The West Zone Early Learning Center. . . 

• is in a residential area, near the VA 
Hospital and Mission Hill 

• has 125 students from age 4 to 
grade 1 

• is a full day program for all students, 
from 8:15 A.M. to 2:15 P.M. 

• also oiitrs free before and after 
school care: Students can come as 
early as 7:30 A.M. and stay as late as 
6:00 P.M. 

• has a high teacher/pupil ratio and a 
curriculum geared to the unique 
learning needs of small children in a 
technology-rich environment 

• works closely with parents 

• has the Jumpstart tutoring program 

• collaborates with the Community 
Music Center, Boston Institute for 
Art Therapies, MJT Dance Co., 
Wheelock College, and 
Northeastern and Boston 

• is an alternative to more traditional 
Kindergarten and grade 1 classes. 

Blis Elementary School 

302 Walnut Avenue, Roxbury 

Carlos R. Gibb, Principal 

® 635-8257 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Ellis School. . . 

• is in a residential neighborhood, 
near Egleston Square, next door to 
the African-American Museum 

• has 600 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• has Advanced Work Class for 
eligible students in grades 4 and 5 

• has a Spanish bilingual program and 
offers Spanish for English-speaking 

• uses the Josten's computer- 

integrated math, reading, and 
language arts curriculum 

• has IBM Writing to Read for 
Kindergarten and grade 1 

• provides counseling and social 
services through Project Excel 

• has an active library program, with 
storytelling, Internet lessons, and 
research projects 

• offers performing arts with Boston 
Ballet and Art of Black Dance 

• offers after school programs through 
the YMCA, UMass-Boston, 
ALERTA, and the Urban League 

• has optional school uniforms, 
drama, and chorus 

• uses team teaching and organizes 
teachers in grade-level teams to 
create interdisciplinary approaches 
to teaching 

• has an innovative Community 
Service Learning curriculum. 

Fuller Elementary School 

25 Glen Road, Jamaica Plain 
Robert J. McLaughlin, Principal 


Hours: 8:25-2:15 

The Fuller School. . . 

• is in a residential neighborhood, 
near Green and Washington streets 

• is a small school, with 250 students 
in Kindergarten-grade 5 

• offers Dramatic Arts and Young 
Authors for grades 3-4 

• scores above the national average in 
all grades in both reading and math 

• has a Macintosh computer lab, a 
telecommunications room, and 
computers in every room 

• offers Computer Curriculum Corp. 
(CCC) computer assisted 
instruction, highly recommended for 
special education, limited English 
proficient, and talented and gifted 

• has computers, art, and physical 
education; and fields a softball team 

• has a Writing to Read Center for 



Kindergarten and grade 1 

• offers Boston Ballet's Dance 
Education Program and Drama 

• has a schoolyard garden for "hands- 
on" science 

• is affiliated with the Brookside 
Family Life Center and Dental 
Program, available to all 

• has an Annual Fun Fair and Field 

• participates in Jamaica Pond 

• is proud of its strong parent 
involvement, especially in the library 
and with the Read Aloud and 
Weekly Reading Contract programs 

• has just been renovated, inside and 

Hale Bementary School 

5 1 Cedar Street, Roxbury 
William A. Colom, Principal 
©635-8205 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Hale School. . . 

• is a small school on Fort Hill, not far 
from Roxbury Community College 

• has 200 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• is an Expeditionary Learning model 

• has a Macintosh computer lab and a 

• ranks in the upper third in reading 
scores and middle third in math in 
the Boston Public Schools 

• is a partner with CH2M Hill 
Company, an environmental 
consulting firm, and Kinko's 

• has teachers trained in innovative 
ways of teaching math and science, 
using hands-on materials and 

• has been renovated, with new 
windows, paint, lighting, and more. 

Haley Elementary School 

570 American Legion Highway, 


Jean L. Dorcus, Principal 

©635-8169 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Haley School. . . 

• is near Walk Hill St. and the new 
Audubon Nature Center 

• has 300 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5, including two special 
education classes 

• offers before and after school 
programs, providing care from 
8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. 

• is a schoolwide Title I school 

• has an ongoing Garden Project 
supporting interdisciplinary 

• involves parents in revitalized School 
Parent and School Site councils 

• works with Boston Children's 
Services and Judge Baker Center to 
provide school-based counseling for 

• is partners with New Balance and 
the Mass. Audubon Society to 
enhance our technology and science 

• encourages parents and community 
to join the Schoolyard Initiative 
planning team as we look at better 
ways to use our space 

• offers a Chess Club, and sponsors 
the annual Kidsfair community- 
based fundraiser and "fun raiser." 

Hennlgan Bementary School 

200 Heath Street, Jamaica Plain 
Eleanor Kearse-Perry, Principal 
® 635-8264 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Hennigan School . . 

• is in a residential area, near the VA 
Hospital and Mission Hill 

• has 700 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• has Advanced Work Classes in 
Spanish and English for eligible 

students in grades 4-5 

• offers a special after school program, 
Prevention NOW! 

• is the "Technology School of the 
Future," with two computer labs 
plus a special lab for Project 
Headlight, a computer program with 

• has ESL Immersion and Title I 
reading programs 

• has an up-to-date library with state- 
of-the-art CD-ROM encyclopedia 

• encourages children to become 
involved in our many extracurricular 
programs: dance, theater, vocal and 
instrumental music, sports, 
swimming (our swim team is a 
citywide champion!), and the arts 

• is partners with Boston, Simmons, 
and Wheelock colleges, and 
Northeastern University; and works 
with a City Year team 

• provides health and counseling 

HIgginson Bementary School 

160 Harrishof Street, Roxbury 

Ildeberto Pereira, Principal 

® 635-8247 Hours: 8:25-2: 1 5 

The Higgimon School... 

• is in an established residential 
neighborhood, near Egleston Square 

• has 210 students in Early 
Childhood-grade 5 

• is a traditional school with small 

• has a modern computer lab 

• scored above the national average on 
the Stanford 9 achievement tests 

• offers many programs which 
promote literacy and parent 

• has a schoolwide Title I reading 

• has specialists in computer, music, 
and physical education 

• has schoolwide special needs/regular 
education integrated classes 

rEST zo 



• has partners who help with literacy 
and student support 

• has an active parent council and 
parents who work in the school 

• has just had a $1 million renovation. 

J. F. Kennedy Bementary School 

7 Bolster Street, Jamaica Plain 

Donald DeGrandis, Principal 

® 635-8127 Hours: 9:15-3:05 

The John F. Kennedy School. . . 

• is in a residential area near Hyde 

• has 550 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• emphasizes basic skills and prides 
itself on a long history of harmony 

• has full-time instructors in science, 
music, physical education, and 

• has a before school program for all 
grades, and an after school program 
for grades 1-4 

• was the first Boston public school to 
adopt an optional school uniform 

• offers individual and small-group 
counseling through SCAT (School 
Counseling And Treatment) 

• uses Literature Is Tops and EM- 
MAT math and technology 
programs to enrich reading, math, 
and science 

• has a fully equipped computer lab, 
plus computers in all classrooms 

• honors a "Student of the Month" 

• offers Reading Recovery to help 
grade 1 students in reading 

• has a Talented and Gifted Program 
for grades 3-5 

• has English as a Second Language 
(ESL) classes for parents and a 
popular drop-in parent center 

• has cheerleaders, recorder 
instruction, school monitors (grades 
4-5), a chorus, and a school 

• has partnerships with Boston 
College, Hellenic College, UMass- 
Boston, Walker School of Needham, 
and Swartz & Swartz law firm 

• is a bright, modern facility with a 
friendly atmosphere. 

Kilmer Bementary School 

35 Baker Street, West Roxbury 
Thomas E. Byrne Jr., Principal 
® 635-8060 Hours: 8:35-2:25 

The Kilmer School.. 

• is a traditional, small school in a 
residential neighborhood 

• has 380 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• uses the Writing-to-Read program 

• has at least four computers per 
classroom, where students learn 
word processing and other 
technology skills 

• scores above the national average in 
reading and math 

• has a before school program 

• has an active, supportive parent 

• has an excellent Talented And 
Gifted (TAG) program, Spanish 
language instruction, and a library 

• is an excellent place for nurturing 
children academically, emotionally, 
and physically 

• is well maintained and landscaped, 
with lovely new windows, and was 
recently painted by parents and 

Lyndon Bementary School 

140 Russett Road, West Roxbury 

Kate Johnson and Maureen Roach, 

Lead Teachers 

Brooks Roberts, Site Facilitator 

(D 635-6824 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Lyndon School. . . 

• is in a residential neighborhood, 
near Hynes Field and West Roxbury 

• has 280 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 3, and will add grade 4 in 
August 1997 

• is a "pilot school," free of many 
Boston Public Schools and Boston 
Teachers Union rules and 

• uses an innovative team 
management structure, with no 

• has a Spanish bilingual program 

• assigns the same teacher to each class 
for two years 

• emphasizes thematic learning, team 
teaching, and team building 

• has a technology lab and computers 
in every classroom 

• offers an after school program with 
the YMCA and an after school 
enrichment program run by parents. 

Manning Bementary School 

Louder's Lane, Jamaica Plain 

Casel E. Walker, Principal 

(© 635-8102 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Manning School . . 

• is in a residential area, near the 
Faulkner Hospital 

• has 180 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• has a Birthday Book program 
funded by the Millipore Foundation 
which brings over 200 new books to 
our librar)' each year 

• has an excellent science program and 
Science Center 

• is an active member of the Arnold 

"ON P 




Arboretum Project 

• has a physical education program 
with the West Roxbury YMCA 

• is partners with Faulkner Hospital, 
which provides a health education 
program for students and families 

• has a Chess Club, Science Club, and 
a Literary Group, open to all 

• offers drama and Reading Recovery. 

MendeH Bementary School 

164 School Street, Roxbury 

Mirna Vega Wilson, Principal 

® 635-8234 Hours: 8:35-2:25 

The Mendell School. . . 

• is in a residential neighborhood on 
the Jamaica Plain line 

• has 250 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• has two computer labs 

• is reorganizing to include special 
needs and regular education students 
in the same programs 

• uses cooperative learning and 
exciting "hands-on" materials to 
teach math 

• has partnerships with Lesley College, 
Brookside Family Center, Vinfen 
Corporation, and the Arnold 
Arboretum that provide training in 
special education, health services, 
counseling, and science enrichment 

• has a half-time ESL teacher 

• welcomes parents anytime to observe 
classes, help the teachers, or visit the 
parent center 

• has just been renovated, with new 
energy-efficient windows, heating 
system, lighting, and paint. 

Mozart Bementary School 

236 Beech Street, Roslindale 

Fay Horn Lee, Principal 

(D 635-8082 Hours: 9:20-3: 10 

The Mozart School... 

• is a small school in a residential area. 

not far from the West Roxbury 

• has 200 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• has a WICAT computer lab and 
Writing-to-Read program 

• uses computers in every classroom 
every day 

• has a before school program 

• has received many grants from 
private and public sources 

• offers an enriched curriculum which 
includes Spanish language 

• is a member of the nationally 
acclaimed Accelerated Schools 

• is partners with Boston College and 
Arthur Andersen Consulting 

• has strong parent involvement: 
Parents have helped build an 
outdoor playground and new play 

• integrates language arts and math 
with music and art 

• has a strong focus on literacy and 
"hands-on" learning 

• provides a safe, nurturing, respectful 
learning environment for its 

Ohrenberger Bementary School 

175 West Boundary Road, 

West Roxbury 

Frank Galvin, Acting Principal 

(© 635-8 1 57 Hours: 9:25-3: 1 5 

The Ohrenberger School.. 

• is in a wooded setting off 
Washington St., in the Georgetown 

• has 650 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• has Spanish and Greek bilingual 

• is a Boston Plan for Excellence 21st 
Century School 

• uses Whole Language, cooperative 

learning, and "hands-on" math 

• has many outstanding reading 
programs, including summer 
reading, to help students be good 

• read over 160,000 books last year 
through Books and Beyond 

• has smaller class sizes in all grades 

• has Apple and new Macintosh 
computer labs 

• teaches Spanish in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• teaches art through music and 

• has partnerships and volunteer 
programs with Teradyne, Judge 
Baker Counseling Center, Harvard 
University School of Education, 
Wellesley College, Boston Partners 
in Education, and Sun Life of 

• has a new parent center and active 
parent organizations 

• offers performing arts with Boston 
Ballet and Community Music 
Center of Boston 

• offers tennis, soccer, and basketball 

• has just had a $2 million renovation 
and is beautifully landscaped. 

Phllbrick Bementary School 

40 Philbrick Street, Roslindale 

Diane Gandy, Principal 

® 635-8069 Hours: 8:25-2: 1 5 

The Philbrick School.. 

• is in a residential area off Hyde Park 
Ave., near Forest Hills 

• has 165 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• is a small school with a strong 
feeling of community 

• believes "Inspiration = Education": 
Our children are eager to come and 

• has a small staff, with a wide range 
of talents and teaching styles, that 
works closely together to meet each 
child's educational needs 


• provides Title I reading and Reading 

• has computers in every classroom 

• provides art, science, physical 
education, and library science classes 

• offers instrumental band lessons for 
grades 3-5, and sponsors the 
Philbrick School Marching Band 

• has won grants from the Boston Plan 
for Excellence, American Humane 
Society, Very Special Arts, PASS, 
and the American Chess Foundation 

• is partners with Boston Community 
Services, Boston Music Education 
Collaborative, Star Market, the 
Dept. of Public Health, and Boston 
Partners in Education 

• offers Girl Scouting for girls in 
grades 4-5, and chess for grades 3 
and 4. 

Sumner Bementary School 

15 Basile Street, Roslindale 

Joseph Shea, Principal 

(D 635-8131 Hours: 8:30-2:20 

The Sumner School. . . 

• is in a residential area in Roslindale 

• has 550 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• is a Boston Plan for Excellence 21st 
Century School 

• features an after school art club 

• offers an expanded Title I reading 
program in English and Spanish 

• uses conflict resolution and the 
Voices of Love and Freedom 
curriculum, funded by the Carnegie 

• works with students from Boston 
College and UMass-Boston 

• uses keyboards (provided by Berklee 

College) and computers in music 

• has Peer Teaching with students 
from West Roxbury and English 
high schools 

• has a new science grant. Project 
Schema, to teach literacy to bilingual 

• explores nature at the Arnold 
Arboretum and the Trailside 

• has a state-of-the-art Macintosh 
computer lab 

• provides counseling and instruction 
through the Judge Baker Children's 

• features inclusive classes, where 
regular education and special 
education students learn together 

• plays soccer, hockey, and basketball 

• offers ESL and Spanish literacy to 

• invites artists, opera groups, 
storytellers, dancers, and musical 
groups to enhance our arts 

Trotter Bementary School 

135 Humboldt Avenue, Dorchester 
Edna Cason, Principal 
©635-8225 Hours: 9:20-3:10 

The Trotter School... 

• is in a residential neighborhood, 
near Franklin Park 

• has 650 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 5 

• is organized into four mini-schools, 
each in a separate area or "pod" 

• has multi-grade classrooms: Students 
can stay for two years with the same 

• has WICAT integrated computer 
learning system network 

• uses computers extensively, with 
IBM, Writing to Read, Macintosh, 
and Wang labs 

• is part of the Boston Music 
Education Collaborative and has a 

renowned music program 

has home reading and after school 


has a City Year team 

has active parent participation 

has a full-time, professional librarian 

and well stocked library 

has a full-time physical education 

teacher and beautiful gym 

has a full-time art teacher and art 

Students who live in the West Zone can 
also apply for three citywide elementary 
schools: the Hernandez (Kindergarten- 
grade 8), Mission Hill School 
(Kindergarten-grade 5), and Young 
Achievers (Kindergarten-grade 4). Please 
see pages 11-12. 




M. Curley Middle School 

493 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain 
Valeria Lowe-Barehmi, Principal 
©635-8176 Hours: 7:35-1:35 

The Mary Curley School.. 

• is centrally located near Jamaica 

• has 700 students in grades 6-8: 
Some of their parents teach at the 

• has Advanced Work Class for 
eligible students in grade 6 

• "clusters" students by grade with a 
team of teachers and small classes 

• includes special needs and bilingual 
students in all clusters 

• has an after school program and 


M PiiRi m <^n 


Friday Activity Days, with fun mini- 
courses such as jewelry making and a 
computer club 

• has a CAD-CAM Technology 
Center, and Channel 1 Television 

• has active partnerships with the 
Comer School Development 
Program, Simmons College, Stay in 
School Program, Arts in Progress, 
Gardner Museum, Parents United 
for Childcare, and others 

• has a parent center and a 
communications system to reach 
parents by phone 

• offers mediation and conflict 
resolution for all students. 

Irving Middle School 

105 Cummins Highway, Roslindale 

Richard Maloney, Principal 

(D 635-8072 Hours: 7:35-1:35 

The Irving School. . . 

• is in a residential neighborhood, 
near Roslindale Square 

• has 800 students in grades 6-8 

• has Advanced Work Class for 
eligible students in grade 6 

• is organized in clusters of five classes 
and five teachers, so teachers work as 
a team, know their students, and are 
better able to craft effective 
programs for them 

• encourages parents to be a part of 
the team and to attend cluster 

• provides parent workshops on 
helping their child in school 

• has been designated a "Violence 
Free/Drug Free Zone" by the City 

• has many teachers' children among 
its students. 

Lewis Middle School 

131 Walnut Avenue, Roxbury 
Brenda Jones, Principal 
©635-8137 Hours: 7:35-1:35 

The Lewis School... 

• is a small school, near Malcolm X 

• has 350 students in grades 6-8 

• has an exciting, multi-level, across- 
subject approach to learning 

• is a Visual & Performing Arts 
Theme School, with day and after 
school classes in music, dance, and 
the arts: Our chorus performed at 
the Mayor's State of the City address 

• offers performances and classes with 
Alvin Ailey Dance, Ramon de Los 
Reyes, Christopher Hogwood and 
the Boston String Quartet, and Art 
of Black Dance & Music 

• has algebra classes 

• has IBM and Macintosh computer 
labs with Internet access 

• prepares students to take the test for 
Boston's examination schools 

• has partnerships, programs, and 
activities with Northeastern 
University, UMass-Boston, Boston 
University, Arts in Progress, 
MassPEP pre-engineering program, 
Boston Conservatory, and Boston 

• uses telecommunications and 
technology to teach math and 

• offers mentoring programs with Big 
Sister, the Sports Museum, and 
Ebenezer Baptist Church 

• offers a summer program in July 

• is newly renovated and beautifully 

R. 6. Shaw Middle School 

20 Mt. Vernon Street, 

West Roxbury 

Muriel Leonard, Principal 

® 635-8050 Hours: 7:35-1:35 

The R. G. Shaw School... 

• is located in a residential 
neighborhood, near the library and 
shopping area 

• has 400 students in grades 6-8 

• has three computer labs, a library 
media center with Internet access on 
24 computers, one computer for 
every four students, and an exciting, 
technology-based curriculum 

• has a Somali bilingual program 

• offers Spanish 

• is a Boston Plan for Excellence 21st 
Century School 

• is partners with the Faulkner 
Hospital for guest speakers, 
innovative course offerings, health 
fairs, contests, and more 

• works with EDC to include special 
education students in regular 
education classes 

• is one of two Boston schools in the 
Middle Schools Systemic Change 
Network, and one of only three 
Magnet Technology middle schools 
in the city 

• is part of the Algebra Project, using 
innovative methods to teach math, 
and has a Harcourt General grant to 
improve math teaching 

• receives support in science, math, 
physics, and engineering through 
Northeastern University's 

• offers training for the Oratorical 
Contest and preparation for the test 
for admission to Boston's 
examination schools 

• has after school sports, clubs, and 
Junior Achievement 

• is part of the Magic Me community 
service project 

• has recently been renovated. 

Wheatley Middle School 

20 Kearsarge Avenue, Roxbury 
Michael Anderson, Principal 
©635-8165 Hours: 9:15-3:15 

The Wheatley School.. 

• is in a residential neighborhood off 
Warren St. in the Dudley Square 
area, a short walk from the library 

• has 265 students in grades 6-8 and a 



20 to 1 student to teacher ratio 

• clusters by grade, with each grade in 
a separate team area 

• uses its own All School Academic 
Program (ASAP), combining 
innovative scheduling, grouping by 
skill level, and character education to 
enhance teaching and learning 

• has a three-year Arts Are Academic 
grant that introduces music, 
language arts, and computer 
instruction in all grades and subjects, 
and provides theater and drama 
experiences in and out of school 

• is the only Boston middle school to 
win a five-year Accelerated Schools 
grant, setting high standards for all 

• has a partnership with Boston 
Medical Center that provides career 
education, counseling, mentoring, 
and academic support 

• is citywide boys' basketball 

• has adopted a salmon family — a 
program of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife 

• has been recently renovated, with 
new paint and plaster, polished 
marble in the entry and auditorium, 
and beautiful landscaping, equal to 
that of any suburban school. 

Students who live in the West Zone can 
also apply for three citywide middle 
schools: Hernandez (Kindergarten-grade 
8), M. L. King Jr. (grades 6-8), and 
Timilty (grades 6-8). Please see pages 

High Schools 

Another Course to College 

320 Newbury Street, Boston 
Marilyn Corsini, Program Director 
® 635-8865 Hours: 8:20-2:30 


• is located in heart of the Back Bay 

• has 115 students in grades 11-12: 
Our small size means more personal 
attention and support for our 

• has a special admission process: Call 
the school or the High School 
Parent & Student Information 
Center for details 

• is a college preparatory alternative 
program, established in 1977 

• provides a strong foundation in basic 
skills, thinking skills, and personal 
qualities to help students become 
successful and responsible adults 

• is proud that over 90% of our 
students enter the college of their 

• does not grant its own diploma: 
Graduating seniors receive their 
diploma from their "home" school. 

Boston Arts Academy 

Project Office: 

621 Huntington Avenue, 

Boston 02115 

John K. DiPaolo, Project Director 

(?) 730-8319 Hours: 7:30-2:55 


The Boston Arts Academy is a new "pilot" 
high school, scheduled to open in August 
1997. It will... 

• be located in the South End, near 
many Boston cultural institutions 
such as the Boston Ballet, Boston 
Center for the Arts, and Community 
Music Center 

• enroll up to 160 students in grades 9 
and 10 in 1997-98, adding one 
grade per year until it reaches about 
325 students in grades 9-12 

• provide high level training in the 
visual and performing arts in the 
context of a comprehensive high 
school education, maintaining 
rigorous academic and artistic 

• offer students the opportunity to 
concentrate in dance, music, theatre, 
or visual arts, as they study 
humanities, math, and science every 

The Boston Arts Academy. . . 

• is a collaborative project of the 
Boston Public Schools and the 
Professional Arts Consortium: 
Berklee College of Music, Boston 
Architectural Center, Boston 
Conservatory, Emerson College, 
Mass. College of Art, and the School 
of the Museum of Fine Arts 

• has a special application form and 
admission process, including a 
performance or presentation and a 
written component 

• invites interested students now in 
grades 8 and 9 to apply by January 
27: Write or e-mail to the address 
above, or call the High School 
Parent & Student Information 
Center for details. 

Boston High School 

152 Arlington Street, Boston 
Thomas Hennessey, Headmaster 
® 635-8937 Hours: A.M. 7:30-12 
P.M. 12-4:30 

Boston High School. . . 

• is located in the South End, one 
block from Park Square 

• has 950 students in grades 9-12 

• has a school-to-career program 
emphasizing strong academics, 
career exploration, and connections 
between school and work 




• offers a full day program including 
supervised, paid employment for 
students over age 16 in grades 10- 
12, and a supervised community 
service learning component for 
students in grade 9 and those 
under 16 

• is partners with Mass. General 
Hospital, Dana Farber Institute, 
BankBoston, Fidelity Investments, 
and Federal Reserve Bank; and offers 
programs through the School of the 
Museum of Fine Arts and others 

• houses the Health Careers Academy 
"pilot" school 

• links school-based learning with 
work-based learning through Project 
ProTech in health care and financial 

• offers Advanced Placement courses, 
and has a dual enrollment program 
for college credit courses 

• has a state-of-the-art media center, 
science labs, and computer 
technology labs 

• offers student support services, a 
school-based health center, peer 
leadership, peer mediation, and 

• has an award-winning newspaper 

• has a cooperative athletics program 
with Snowden International High 

• is a Boston Plan for Excellence 21st 
Century School. 

Boston Latin Academy 

205 Townsend St., Roxbuiy 

Maria Garcia-Aaronson, 


(© 635-9957 Hours: 7:35-1:35 

Boston Latin Academy. . . 

• is located in the refurbished Boston 
Technical High building 

• has 1,650 students in grades 7-12 

• is an examination school with a 
special admission process: Students 
are admitted to grades 7 and 9 based 
on test score and grade point average 

• is a classical liberal arts preparatory 

• stresses excellence in academics and 
provides a nurturing environment 

• has an outstanding record for college 

• has a dedicated faculty who 
challenge and encourage students 

• offers honors and Advanced 
Placement courses 

• offers a wide range of extracurricular 
clubs and organizations 

• has an exemplary peer tutoring 

• has a supportive and active parent 
council and an involved alumni 

• actively participates in the state and 
national Junior Classical League 
(Latin language competition) 

• was recognized by the Redbook 
Project as one of the top 63 schools 
in the nation in the category of 
overall excellence 

• has partnerships with Regis College 
and IBM/Lotus 

• has scholarship endowments. 

Boston Latin Scliool 

78 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston 
Michael Contompasis, Headmaster 
©635-8895 Hours: 7:55-1:55 

Boston Latin School . . 

• is located off Longwood Ave., near 
Children's Hospital and Harvard 
Medical School 

• has 2,350 students in grades 7-12 
* is an examination school with a 

special admission process: Students 
are admitted to grades 7 and 9 based 
on test score and grade point average 

• is the oldest public school in the 
U.S., founded in 1635 

• is a college preparatory school which 
fosters the pursuit of excellence 
through a rigorous academic 

pr( gram in the classical tradition 

• offers interdisciplinary and thematic 
curriculum opportunities 

• offers honors and Advanced 
Placement courses in 1 5 different 

• has a dedicated and committed 

• has linkages with the arts, science, 
and business communities 

• has an outstanding record of college 
acceptances: 98% 

• offers extensive extracurricular and 
athletic opportunities for all 
students, and an extensive range of 
musical opportunities, both vocal 
and instrumental 

• is proud of its very high level of 
parent commitment and 
involvement, and its tremendously 
supportive alumni association 

• was recognized last year by Redbook 
Magazine as the best school in the 

Brigliton iligli School 

25 Warren Street, Brighton 

Juliette Johnson, Headmaster 

(D 635-9873 Hours: 7:40-1:40 

Brighton High SchooL . . 

• is in a residential area next to St. 
Elizabeth's Hospital 

• has 1,050 students in grades 9-12 

• has a School of Health Professionals 
and a School of Business Services, 
providing internships for students at 
hospitals and businesses 

• has Spanish and Vietnamese 
bilingual programs, and inclusion 
classes for special education students 

• has ninth grade clusters to help 
students adjust to high school 

• has partnerships with Boston 
University, Boston College, and 
Mount Ida College, providing 
students with academic support after 
school and on weekends, and 
professional development for staff 

• offers Advanced Placement courses 
in chemistry, U.S. history, English, 
and calculus 



riTYWinF H.r,H sr-Mon. . 

• offers classes in drama, dance, and 
the arts with artists in residence 

• offers after school sports, clubs. 
Army JROTC, and community 
service opportunities 

• has a brand new, beautifully 
renovated Library Media Center 
with 24 networked multimedia 
computers: State of the art research 
technology is available to all students 
throughout the building. 

Jeremiah Burke High School 

60 Washington Street, Dorchester 

Steven Leonard, Headmaster 

® 635-9837 Hours: 7:40-1:40 

Burke High School. . . 

• is located in the revitalized Grove 
Hall area 

• has 642 students in grades 9-12 

• has active partnerships with The 
New England, Au Bon Pain, Boston 
Private Industry Council, and 

• offers academic enrichment 
programs: The Burke Works 
enrichment and summer job 
program, after school tutoring, 
MassPEP pre-engineering. Urban 
Scholars, UMass-Boston Admission 
Guaranteed Program, SAT test 
preparation, art, chorus, dance, 
instrumental music, and theater arts 

• has a full service Cape Verdean 
bilingual program 

• offers competitive sports teams, 
cheerleaders, pep rally and 
homecoming, and a peer leadership 

• provides student support services: 
guidance staff, a well-staffed health 
center, counseling, adolescent 
parenting program, financial aid 

assistance, Hope Educational Talent 
Search, and Access scholarship funds 

• is a Boston Plan for Excellence 21st 
Century School 

• has had extensive building 
renovations, including a new library/ 
media center and a $1.1 million 
technology upgrade. 

Charlestown High School 

240 Medford Street, Charlestown 

Marilyn Hurwitz, Headmaster 

® 635-9914 Hours: 7:40-1:40 

Charlestown High School. . . 

• is located in a lovely area, with a 
view of the Mystic River and Tobin 

• has 1,200 students in grades 9-12 

• has very active partnerships with 
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, 
Fleet Bank, Thompson Financial, 
Simmons College, Bunker Hill 
Community College, Harvard 
University, Emerson College, and 
the Charlestown Court 

• is supported by grants from the 
Center for Collaboration Education, 
the Mass. Cultural Council, School- 
to-Career, and BPS Technology 

• prepares students for college with a 
liberal arts theme. Pro Tech 
programs in financial services, 
MassPep pre-engineering program, 
Simmons Upward Bound science 
summer program, and mock trial 

• offers Close-up: trips to 
Washington, DC to explore our 
government, and programs for new 
immigrants and US history students 

• has a dance major program with 
Boston Ballet and Alvin Ailey 

• offers Chinese and Spanish bilingual 
programs that are recognized by the 
State Dept. of Education for 
achieving exceptional results in 
preparing students for college 

• has a winning science program: CHS 
students are winners in the Boston 
Public School City Science Fair and 
the Mass. State Science Fair 

• has all-star athletics and one of 
Boston's best high school sports 
facilities: Many CHS students were 
chosen as top players by Boston area 

• offers state-of-the-art computer 
classes: We're #1 in the city in 
computer competions 

• has a star-spangled teaching staff: six 
Golden Apple Award Teachers and 
one Mass. Terrific Teacher Award 

• supports students through our own 
health clinic. Read Boston, peer 
leadership training, and the Words 
not Weapons program 

• offers an exemplary curriculum for 
special needs students, including the 
STRIVE work release program. 

Dorchester High School 

9 Peacevale Road, Dorchester 
Robert N. Belle, Headmaster 
(D 635-8904 Hours: 7:40-1:40 

Dorchester High School. . . 

• is located near Codman Square 

• has 900 students in grades 9-12 

• offers a comprehensive high school 
curriculum, bilingual programs in 
Spanish and Haitian Creole, and 
special education 

• offers career exploration and 
preparation through school-to-career 
programs with Skills for Success 
classes, the Academy of Public 
Service, TeachBoston, Law and 
Justice, and the Health Careers 
Academy "pilot" school 

• collaborates with NYNEX, which 
provides training, computers and 
technological assistance; and with 
UMass-Boston, which offers after 
school academic and cultural 
enrichment classes, tutoring, college 
and career advising, and staff 




• provides on-site student health care 
associated with Codman Square 
Health Center 

• actively involves parents in the 
School Parent Council and School 
Site Council 

• uses over 130 computers in labs and 

• plans to open a new library media 
center in 1997 

• recognizes students for excellence in 
academics and attendance 

• encourages artistic and cultural 
expressions with a school newspaper, 
art, music, choir, and dance 

• involves students in special events 
such as A World of Difference 
Institute's Team Harmony, Boston 
Ballet, and college fairs 

• offers community service learning 
projects with intergenerational 
tutoring and mentoring, a garden 
project, recycling center, student 
leadership training with Boston 
Creative Action, and City Year 

• offers an Army JROTC program 
which develops leadership skills, self- 
confidence, self-esteem, character, 
teamwork, and exploration of 
military careers. 

Downtown Evening Academy 

at Boston High School 
152 Arlington Street, Boston 
® 635-6789 Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 
5:00-9:00 P.M. 
Ferdinand Fuentes, 
Program Director 

The Downtown Evening Academy . . . 

• is located in Boston High School, a 
block from Park Plaza 

• has 150 students in grades 9-12 

• is open in the evening, Monday 
through Thursday, from 5:00 P.M. 
to 9:00 P.M. 

• has a special admission process: Call 

the school or High School Parent & 
Student Information Center for 

• is for students who, for a variety of 
reasons, have not been successful in 
their past school experiences 

• offers an alternative but rigorous 
comprehensive high school 

• awards a high school diploma 

• features competency-based and 
project-based learning 

• offers summer training at UMass- 
Boston, a mentoring program with 
Fidelity Investments, and work 

• emphasizes the student's personal 
responsibility to work hard 

• believes success requires strong 
home-school connections, and 
support for the family 

• offers smaller student-teacher ratios, 
health care, and counseling. 

East Boston High Scfiool 

86 White Street, East Boston 

John Poto, Headmaster 

(D 635-9896 Hours: 7:40-1:40 

East Boston High School — "Eastie". . . 

• is in a residential area near Maverick 

• has 1,160 students in grades 9-12 

• is for student who are going places: 
We feature the Academy of Travel 
& Tourism for career exploration 
and internships 

• has a varied academic program: In 
addition to the core subjects, we 
offer an Honors Program, theater 
arts, film and TV communications, 
a health profession career pathway, 
and more 

• has a Spanish bilingual program and 
inclusion: Students with special 
needs learn in regular education 

• has an outstanding Army JROTC 

• has sent graduates to Harvard, 
Boston College, Wellesley, Tufts, 
Colgate, WPI, Middlebury, 
Morehouse, Babson, Brandeis, 
Dartmouth, Simmons, and many 
others: Our students have received 
over $1 million in scholarships 

• offers over thirty extracurricular 
activities, including aerobics, 
photography, drill team, mock trial, 
chess, dance. Jeopardy, and LaRaza 

• has a championship sports program: 
We received the Boston Globe's 
Nason Trophy (1995) for overall 
excellence in athletics, were Super 
Bowl contenders (1996), and won 
three state basketball championships 

• has active partnerships with 
Massport, American Express, East 
Boston Neighborhood Health 
Center, Four Seasons Hotel, 
Holiday Inn, Marriott, Hyatt, 
Sheraton Hotels, Northeastern, 
Salem State, and others 

• is the school with great traditions: 
"Flower Power," Senior Party, 
Eastie/Southie football game, pep 
rally, sports banquet, JROTC 
Halloween haunted house, 
Christmas fair, awards breakfast, 
multicultural assembly, and drama 

Tlie Engiisli High School 

144 McBride Street, Jamaica Plain 

Gerald Sullivan, Headmaster 

® 635-8979 Hours: 7:45-1:45 

English High School. . . 

• is located near Forest Hills in a 
modern facility, surrounded by its 
athletic fields 

• has over 1,250 students in grades 

• is the oldest public high school in 
the country, founded in 1821 

• sends 74% of its graduates to post- 
secondary education institutions 

• offers physics, chemistry, Advanced 



Placement calculus, SAT prep, two 

foreign languages, and JROTC 

has one computer for every nine 


features the largest TeachBoston 

program in the city for future 


has a diverse billingual/ESL program 

for Spanish, Somali, and 

multilingual classes 

offers computer/satellite 

telecommunications, distance 

learning and Internet hook-ups 

has a complete special needs 

program with wheel chair 


is partners with John Hancock, 

Brigham & Women's Hospital, 

Deaconess Hospital, State Street 

Bank, and Massport 

has teacher training linkages with 

Harvard University, Boston 

University, UMass, the Museum 

School, Tufts University, and 

Boston College 

has two small, supportive ninth 

grade clusters 

has the first-in-the-nation high 

school Legal Resource Center 

was nationally recognized Mass. 

Mock Trail State Champion 1993, 

1994, and 1995 

has an award-winning mediation 


has MassPEP pre-engineering, Pro 

Tech medical and financial career 

training, and summer jobs options 

offers an after school tutoring 



Fenway Middle College High School 

250 Rutherford Avenue, 


Larry Myatt and Linda Nathan, 


® 635-991 1 Hours: 8:30-3:00 

Fenway Middle College High School.. 

• is on the campus of Bunker Hill 
Community College, with access to 
all college facilities 

• has 250 students in grade 9-12 

• has a special admission process: Call 
the school or the High School 
Parent & Student Information 
Center for details 

• is a "pilot" school and member of 
the Coalition of Essential Schools 
and the Center for Collaborative 
Education-Metro Boston 

• offers students the opportunity to 
take college courses for college credit 

• was named one of 10 New American 
High Schools by the U.S. Dept. of 
Education, and a Lead School by the 
Boston Plan for Excellence 

• works with Children's Hospital, 
CVS Pharmacies, and the Museum 
of Science 

• sends 75% of its graduates on to 
further education 

• assesses and graduates students by 
portfolio and exhibition 

• features the Senior Institute for the 
final phase of high school, with 
seminars, advanced course work, a 
six-week internship, and senior 

• uses award-winning curricula such as 
Eyes on the Prize, Facing History 
and Ourselves within an integrated 
humanities curriculum, and the 
Interactive Math Project 

• has an after school drama program 

• has a strong advisory program for all 

• provides a Learning Center to help 
all students excel. 

YWinF HIGH sr^HOOi s 

Greater Egleston Community High 

3134 Washington Street, 
Jamaica Plain 

Beatrix M. Zapater, Principal 
©524-2555 Hours: 9:00-3:15 

Greater Egleston Community High 
School. . . 

• is a pilot school by the community, 
in the community, and for the 
community, located in Egleston 

• will enroll 100 students, ages 16-21, 
in 1997-98 

• has a special admission process, 
with at least one interview and 
placement assessments: Call the 
school for details 

• has no grades: We place students 
according to skill level, regardless of 
age, race, points or previous school 

• has a program to support pregnant 
and parenting students 

• in collaboration with Bay State Skills 
Corporation, offers Senior Institute, 
a special program which requires 
seniors to do an internship, take 
community college courses, and 
complete projects in order to 

• has a "hands-on," interdisciplinary, 
project-based curriculum 

• assesses students' work through 
portfolios and exhibitions 

• has a strong school-to-career 
program, including internships, job 
training, and life skills training 

• has been officially recognized for its 
work to promote peace and racial 

• has very active partnerships with the 
Egleston Square Coalition of 34 
community-based agencies; and with 
Simmons College, UMass-Boston, 
Bunker Hill Community College, 
and the Museum of Science, which 
provide tutors, mentors, and 




educational and internship 

• has a photographer-in-rcsidence 
with support from the Mass. 
Cultural Council 

• offers sports and recreation such as 
yoga, dance, aerobics, and team 
sports in collaboration with the 
Shelburne Community Center and 
the Egleston YMCA 

• is affiliated with the Coalition of 

Essential Schools, and is an active 

member of the Center for 

Collaborative Education and the 

Alternative Education Alliance 

• offers support services, such as 
counseling and case management, to 
all students 

• opens its facilities to family members 
and community residents until 

5 P.M. 

Health Careers Academy 

c/o Northeastern University 
502A Hayden, 

360 Huntington Avenue, Boston 
Diane Bassett, Acting Director 

® 373-8576 

The Health Careers Academy. . . 

• is a unique school-within-a-school at 
Boston High School and Dorchester 
High School 

• will serve 160 students in grades 9- 
1 1 who share an interest in health 

• has a special admission process 
which includes an interview: Call 
the school or High School Parent & 
Student Information Center for 

• clusters students with Academy 
teachers to provide strong academics 
and individual support for students 

• enables students to work together on 
projects that connect their learning 
across academic subjects 

• prepares students for higher 
education and careers in health care 

or other professions 

• involves after school commitments 
for academic support and 
enrichment, life skills and career 
exploration workshops, internships 
and work experience, student 
leadership and cultural events 

• provides outreach and support to 
students and their families, and seeks 
active partnerships with parents 

• is partners with Boston University 
School of Medicine, Northeastern 
University College of Nursing, 
Boston Medical Center, and many 
neighborhood health centers 

• does not grant its own diploma: 
Graduating seniors receive their 
diploma from their "home" school, 
either Boston High or Dorchester 

Hyde Park High School 

655 Metropolitan Avenue, 
Hyde Park 

Ray Peterson, Headmaster 
©635-8948 Hours: 7:40-1:40 

Hyde Park High School. . . 

• is in a residential area, one block 
from Hyde Park Ave., near Cleary 

• has 1,100 students in grades 9-12 

• offers an array of academic courses 
in the sciences, math, and social 
studies, including physics, calculus, 
psychology, and economics 

• has French and Spanish language 
instruction, and a Haitian bilingual 

• features the Academy of Finance to 
enhance the college preparatory 

• is Boston's only high school with a 
banking and finance magnet theme: 
Students can enroll in advanced 
courses in accounting, computer 
applications for business, marketing 
and entrepreneurship (students run 
their own companies), economics. 

and taxes 

• houses two computer labs with 60 

• offers Army JROTC in all grades: 
250 students participate 

• has an extremely active partnership 
with BankBoston, which has 
provided financial and academic 
support through participation on the 
Academy of Finance Board of 

• offers a summer internship program 
through BankBoston for grades 

• has after school varsity and junior 
varsity sports for boys and girls 

• keeps students learning after school 
with activities such as MassPEP pre- 
engineering, the Creative Action 
Club that works with the 
community to upgrade our facility, 
Drama Club, and SAT test 

Madison Park Technical Vocational 
High School 

55 New Dudley Street, Roxbur)' 
Richard Fields, Executive Director 
® 635-8970 Hours: 7:45-1:45 

Madison Park High School. . . 

• is located in a large, modern 
complex off Columbus Ave., near 
Roxbury Community College and 
the Roxbury Crossing station, next 
to the Reggie Lewis Center 

• has 1,620 students in grades 9-12 

• is Boston's technical and vocational 
high school, offering a 
comprehensive academic program 
plus training in almost 30 specialties 

• has new requirements for 
enrollment in 1997: Students 
interested in applying must 
participate in an orientation and 
assessment process to determine 
readiness for grade 9 and for 
enrollment in technical vocational 
courses. This means that some 



students may require more than 
four years for graduation. Call the 
school for details. 

• offers a dual-enrollment college 
program and internships 

• has Spanish, Cape Verdean, Haitian, 
Portuguese, and Vietnamese 
bilingual programs 

• has excellent athletic programs, an 
outstanding JROTC unit, and an 
award-winning student newspaper 

• is organized into academies: 

Allied Health and Human Services 

Diana Jones, Dean 


Baking, Childcare, Cosmetology, 

Dental Assistant, Culinary Arts, 

Hotel/Hospitality, Medical 

Assistant, Nursing Assistant 

Commerce Academy 

Pamela Fuller, Dean 
® 635-8962 

Banking, Commercial Design, 
Information Processing, Legal 
Office, Medical Secretary, Printing, 
TV Production, Office Technology/ 
General Business, Office 

Craft and Technical Academy 

Charles Cafferty, Dean 
® 635-8968 

Auto/Truck Repair, Autobody 
Repair, Building Maintenance, 
Carpentry, Electricity, Electronics, 
Heating/Air Conditioning, Marine 
Small Engine, Plumbing, Sheet 

Freshman Academy 

Ronald Bayless, Dean 
® 635-8964 

Roland Hayes Division of Music 

Robert Winfrey, Program Director 
® 635-8970 

Multicultural High School 

67 Alleghany Street, Roxbury 
David Perrigo, Program Director 
® 427-3071 Hours: 8:00-2:00 

Multicultural High School. . . 

• is located in Mission Hill 

• will enroll 150 students in grades 9- 
12 in 1997, reaching an enrollment 

• has a special admission process: Call 
the school or the High School 
Parent & Student Information 
Center for details 

• seeks to provide an intellectually 
rigorous education in a small, 
supportive, personalized learning 

• helps students develop the personal, 
cultural, and historical self- 
knowledge necessary to recognize 
existing attitudes and beliefs 

• teaches the humanities, science, 
math, and the arts through projects 
and inquiry: Students learn by 
investigating the world around them 

• is organized in Advisory Learning 
Teams: Small groups of students 
meet daily with an advisor over the 
course of several years 

• evaluates student achievement based 
on their portfolios, or collections of 
their work — not by the traditional 
grading system 

• groups and promotes students based 
on ability, and does not adhere to a 
traditional grade structure 

• participates in community learning 
projects in the outside world 

• offers last-year students the option of 
taking courses at Northeastern and 

Roxbury Community College 

• requires a demonstration of 
competency for graduation. 

O'Bryant School of Matiiematics and 

55 New Dudley Street, Roxbury 
Gustave Anglin, Headmaster 
©635-9932 Hours: 7:35-1:35 

John D. O 'Bryant School. . . 

• is located in the Madison Park 
Complex, near Roxbury 
Community College and the Reggie 
Lewis Center 

• has 1,370 students in grades 7-12 

• is an examination school with a 
special admission process: Students 
are admitted to grades 7, 9, and 10 
based on test score and grade point 

• seeks to prepare every student for 
college, advanced learning, and a 
highly-skilled career 

• offers a challenging core curriculum, 
with emphasis on science and 

• is proud of its high acceptance rate 
to universities and colleges, and 
offers many scholarships 

• provides a full after school sports 

• offers many clubs and activities, 
including a school newspaper and 
literary magazine. Bicycle Club, 
community service, mentoring and 
peer tutoring. National Honor 
Society, the Wenrworth Scholars 
program, drama, cheerleaders, 
chorus, and more 

• is partners with Boston Edison, 
Dupont, Polaroid, the JFK 
Museum, St. Elizabeth's Hospital, 
Whittier Health Center, and many 
local colleges and universities 

• has an award-winning Navy JROTC 




Snowden International High School 

150 Newbury Street, 

Copley Square 

Gloria Coulter, Headmaster 

(D 635-9989 Hours: 7:40-1:40 

Snowden International High School... 

• is a campus high school housed in 
four buildings around Copley 
Square, and uses other community 
resources such as the Boston Public 
Library and YWCA gymnasium 

• has 500 students in grades 9-12 

• groups all entering grade 9 students 
in clusters for academic and social 

• has a schoolwide theme of 
International Studies and World 

• offers a college prepartory program 

• requires all students to complete 
four years of a world language, 
English, social studies, and math; 
and three years of science 

• offers inclusion, resource room, and 
regular education classes for students 
in special education 

• requires students to participate in 
cultural field trips and international 

• has opportunities for students to 
travel to other parts of the United 
States and to other countries 

• has partnerships with Bentley 
College, Cambridge Technology 
Partners, Freedom House, Fletcher 
School of Law and Diplomacy, MCI 
Telecommunications, and Suffolk 

• offers internships in business, 
educational, and hospital settings 

• gives students an opportunity to 
enroll in courses at Northeastern 
University, UMass-Boston, and 
other local universities 

• has many extracurricular activities, 
such as athletics, student 
government. Model United Nations, 
and other student clubs. 

South Boston High School 

95 G Street, South Boston 
Lorraine Hamilton, Headmaster 
(D 635-9857 Hours: 7:40-1:40 

South Boston High School — "Southie ". . . 

• is located in historic Dorchester 

• has 1,020 students in grades 9-12 

• is fully accredited by the New 
England Association of Schools & 

• has strong academic programs: grade 
9 & 10 clusters, the Liberal Arts 
Academy, Pro-Tech environmental 
and financial studies, school-to- 
career, an alternative program, 
tutoring, and Urban Scholars 

• has a Vietnamese bilingual program 

• offers the Admissions Guaranteed 
Program with UMass for qualified 

• has sports for boys and girls, and is 
Division I state basketball champion 

• has student award ceremonies, 
chorus, dance, and JROTC 

• has active partnerships with Federal 
Reserve Bank, Gillette, UMass- 
Boston, and the Private Industry 

• offers summer programs at Outward 
Bound and UMass; and has a 
summer jobs program 

• has new computers and Internet 
access in the library, and looks 
forward to opening a new library 
media center, planned for 1997 

• offers calculus classes from UMass 
using interactive video 

West Roxbury High School 

1205 VFW Parkway, West Roxbury 
Donald Pellegrini, Headmaster 
©635-8917 Hours: 7:35-1:35 

West Roxbury High School — "Westie ". . . 

• is in a suburban setting, near the 
Dedham line and the Charles River 

• has 1,290 students in grades 9-12 

offers a comprehensive college 

preparatory program, including 

physics, trigonometry, calculus, 

chemistry, computer science, and 

Spanish, French and Greek 


features unique vocational programs 

in environmental studies (including 

horticulture, landscaping, and 

animal science) and communications 

media (radio, television, 

photography, advertising, and more) 

has Haitian and Greek bilingual 


offers a business program with 

accounting, word processing, and 


was commended by the New 

England Association of Schools and 

Colleges for the dedication of its 

teachers and administrators to their 

students, and for the loyalty of the 

students to the school 

offers many clubs and activities: 

Navy JROTC, choir, chess, Reading 

Raiders, ethnic culture clubs, peer 

tutors, and Project Action 

has a winning sports program, with 

football, basketball, soccer, tennis, 

swimming, track, golf, hockey, and 


has sent its graduates to many 

outstanding colleges: Harvard, 

Wellesley, Dartmouth, MIT, Boston 

College, Brown, Bowdoin, Bates, 

and others 

is partners with Boston College, 

Boston Gas, Fleet Bank, and 


helps place students in part-time, 

full-time, and summer jobs. 







These schools cannot be chosen through the 
"controlled choice " assignment process. 
Students must be referred through a 
Special Education Evaluation Team 

William Carter School 

396 Northampton Street, Boston 
Roger Mazur, Program Director 
(0 635-9832 

The Carter School. . . 
• is located behind Northeastern 

• provides a comprehensive 
educational program for about 20 
students with severe and profound 
disabilities, with a minimum of one 
staff member for every two students 

• provide each student with a program 
to meet his or her specific 
individuals needs 

• has a full-time nurse, and ongoing 
family support services coordinated 
by a bilingual social worker and 
teacher-home liaison 

• provides music therapy, physical 
therapy, behavioral programming, 
vision and mobility training, 
occupational therapy, and medical 
equipment supplies 

• offers swimming at Northeastern 
University, MBTA travel skills, and 

trips to the Museum of Fine Arts, 
Symphony Hall, and local regular 
education schools. 

Horace Mann School for the Deaf 
and Hard of Hearing 

40 Arlington Street, Allston 
Patrice DiNatale, Principal 
(£) 635-8534; 783-3664 (TTY) 

The Horace Mann School... 

• is located in Union Square 

• serves 120 deaf and hard of hearing 
students in Early Childhood- 
grade 12 

• has been recognized by state, local, 
and private agencies for excellence in 
deaf education 

• provides full evaluation and support 
services to students and families 

• has very active partnerships with 
TERI and The Boston Company 
which provide advice, fundraising, 
computers, mentors, and job 

• has partnerships with Boston 
University and Gallaudet University, 
which provide expertise in deaf 
education, student teachers, 
workshops, consultation, and 
research assistance 

• has a state-of-the-art library/media 
center, "Quick Caption" multimedia 
center at the middle school level, a 
Literacy Lab at the elementary level, 
and a sophisticated math/science and 
technology program for all students 

• offers after school tutoring for grades 
6-12, a summer tutoring and job 
training program for grades 6-12, 
and a summer program for Early 
Childhood-grade 5 

• has varsity and junior varsity 
basketball teams. 

McKlnley Schools 

Bonnie Miller, 

Senior Program Director 

® 635-9986 

McKinley Elementary 

James Scaringe, Program Director 

® 635-9978 

McKinley Middle 

Joseph Brown, Program Director 


McKinley Technical High 

James Scaringe, Program Director 

® 635-9976 

McKinley Vocational High 

Joseph Brown, Program Director 

® 635-9907 

The McKinley Schools. . . 

• are located in the South End, 
Fenway, and Back Bay 

• are four schools in one — 
Elementary, Middle, Vocational 
High, and Technical High — and 
also have three satellite programs 

• serve 420 students in Kindergarten- 
grade 12 with serious emotional, 
behavioral, and learning needs 

• offer therapeutic supports, including 
individual and group counseling, 
individual and family therapy, and 
psychiatric consultation 

• utilize a highly structured behavior 
management system 

• offer a full range of academic 
programs, including college 
preparatory courses 

• offer many vocational programs, 
including business, building trades, 
electronics/electricity, security 
services, food services, graphic arts, 
and auto mechanics 

• collaborate with Madison Park 
Technical Vocational High School 
for varsity team sports 

• offer unusual programs, such as 
entrepreneurship, boatbuilding, and 
soap box derby. I 




1 997-98 


Hours listed here are subject 
to minor changes of 5-10 


ACC 8:30-2:30 

Boston Arts 

Academy 7:30-2:55 

Boston HS (AM) .7:30-12:00 
Boston HS(PM) .12:00-4:30 
Boston Latin 

Academy 7:35-1:35 

Boston Latin 

School 7:55-1:55 

Brighton HS 7:40-1:40 

Burke HS 7:40-1:40 

Charlestown HS ...7:35-1:35 

Dorchester HS 7:40-1 :40 

Downtown Evening 

Mon.-Thurs.. 5:00-9:00 PM 
East Boston HS .... 7:40-1 :40 

English HS 7:45-1:45 

Fenway MCHS 8:30-3:00 

Greater Egleston 

Community HS 9:00-3:15 

Hyde Park HS 7:40-1:40 

Madison Park 

Tech. Voc. HS 7:45-1:45 

Multicultural HS ... 8:00-2:00 

O'BryantHS 7:35-1:35 

Snowden HS 7:40-1:40 

South Boston HS . 7:40-1 :40 
West Roxbury HS . 7:35-1 :35 


Elementary Schools 

Channing 9:20-3:10 

Chittick 9:20-3:10 

Clap 8:30-2:20 

Condon 9:20-3:10 

Dever 8:30-2:20 

Early Learning Center/East: 
Surround Care ...7:15-5:45 

Endicott 8:30-2:20 

Everett 8:25-2:15 

Fifield 8:30-2:20 

E. Greenwood 8:30-2:20 

S. Greenwood 

(K-8) 9:20-3:10 

Grew 9:15-3:05 

Holland 9:20-3:10 

Holmes 8:30-2:20 

Kenny 8:30-2:20 

Lee 8:30-2:20 

Marshall 8:30-2:20 

Mather 8:35-2:25 

Mattahunt 9:20-3:10 

Murphy 9:20-3:10 

O'Hearn 8:35-2:25 

Perkins 8:25-2:15 

Perry 8:35-2:25 

Roosevelt 9:20-3:10 

Russell 9:20-3:10 

P.A.Shaw 8:30-2:20 

Stone 8:30-2:20 

Taylor 9:20-3:10 

Tynan 9:20-3:10 

Middle Schools 

Cleveland 7:35-1:35 

Gavin 7:30-1:30 

Harbor School 

(6 only) 7:30-2:30 

Lewenberg 7:35-1:35 

McCormack 7:30-1 :30 

Rogers 7:30-1:30 

Thompson 7:35-1:35 

Wilson 7:30-1:30 


Elementary Schools 

Adams 8:30-2:20 

Alighieri 8:25-2:15 

Baldwin 8:30-2:20 

Blackstone 9:25-3:15 

Bradley 8:25-2:15 

Early Learning Center/North: 

Surround Care ...7:35-6:00 

Eliot 8:30-2:20 

Emerson 8:25-2:15 

Farragut 8:30-2:20 

Gardner 9:20-3:10 

Garfield 8:35-2:25 

Guild 9:20-3:10 

Hamilton 9:20-3:10 

Harvard/Kent 8:30-2:20 

Hurley 9:20-3:10 

Jackson/Mann 7:35-1 :25 

P.J.Kennedy 8:30-2:20 

Lyon 9:20-3:10 

Surround Care ... 7: 1 5-5:00 

Mason 9:20-3:10 

McKay (K-8) 9:15-3:05 

O'Donnell 8:35-2:25 

Otis 9:25-3:15 

Quincy(K-5) 8:25-2:15 

Tobin(K-8) 8:35-2:25 

Warren/Prescott ... 9:20-3:10 

Winship 8:30-2:20 

Winthrop 9:20-3:10 

Middle Schools 

Dearborn 7:30-3:10 

Friday only 7:30-1 2:45 

Special Needs .... 7:30-1 :30 

Friday only 7:30-12:45 

Edison 7:30-1:30 

Edwards 7:35-1:35 

Quincy (6 only) 8:30-4:30 

Taft 7:35-1:35 

Umana/Bames 7:35-1 :35 


Elementary Schools 

Agassiz 9:20-3:10 

Bates 8:30-2:20 

Beethoven 8:30-2:20 

Conley 9:15-3:05 

J. Curley 9:20-3:10 

Dickerman 8:30-2:20 

Early Learning CenterA/Vest: 
Surround Care ...7:30-6:00 

Ellis 8:30-2:20 

Fuller 8:25-2:15 

Hale 9:20-3:10 

Haley 9:20-3:10 

Hennigan 9:20-3:10 

Higginson 8:25-2:15 

J. F. Kennedy 9:15-3:05 

Kilmer 8:35-2:25 

Lyndon (K-4) 8:30-2:20 

Manning 8:30-2:20 

Mendell 8:35-2:25 

Mozart 9:20-3:10 

Ohrenberger 9:25-3:15 

Philbrick 8:25-2:15 

Sumner 8:30-2:20 

Trotter 9:20-3:10 

Middle Schools 

M. Curley 7:35-1:35 

Irving 7:35-1:35 

Lewis 7:35-1:35 

R. G. Shaw 7:35-1:35 

Timilty Special 

Needs Program .... 7:35-1 :35 

Friday only 7:35-12:45 

Wheatley 9:15-3:15 


Hernandez (K-8) ..9:20-3:10 

King MS 7:35-1:35 

Mission Hill (K-4) To be 

Timilty MS 7:35-3:05 

Friday only 7:35-12:45 

Young Achievers 

(K-4) 7:30-5:30 

Friday only 7:30-3:30 






Dates subject to minor 
changes. Call any Parent 
Information Center for 
current dates. 


If you are registering for the 
Boston Public Schools for 
the first time, you must go to a 
Parent Information Center. 
Please bring: 
A Two preprinted proofs of 

address: a driver's license, 

utility bills. Medicare or 

Medicaid card, etc. 
A Up-to-date immunization 

records and tuberculosis (TB) 

test results. 
A Your child's birth certificate if 

you are registering for 

Kindergarten or Grade 1. 

■ If your child already attends a 
Boston Public School, you will get 
an application from your child's 


January 6-February 4, 1997 

Kindergarten and Grades 1 , 6 and 9 
Assignments issued: Week of March 3 

February 5-March 14, 1997 

Kindergarten and Grades 1 , 6 and 9 
Assignments issued: Week of April 7 



February 10-March 14, 1997 

Grades 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 
Assignments issued: Week of April 7 

March 18-June 30, 1997 


Go to any Parent 
Information Center. 
Hours: 8:30 A.M.-5 P.M., Monday 
through Friday during the school 
year; 9 A.M. -3 P.M. during school 
vacations and summer. 


€ 635-8040 

at the Jennie Barron Building 

515 Hyde Park Avenue. Roslindale 

(near Cummins Highway) 

Help in English. Haitian Creole, Spanish 

Transportation 635-8028 

« 635-8015 

at the Campbell Resource Center 
1216 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester 
(behind Burger King) 
Help in English, Spanish. Vietnamese 
Transportation 635-8018 


at the School Dept. Main Office 
26 Court Street, 4th floor. Boston 
(near State Street MBTA station) 
Help in English. Cantonese. Mandarin, 
Toishanese. Spanish 
Transportation 635-9244 

€ 635-8890 

at the Madison Parl< Complex 
55 New Dudley Street, Roxbury 
(near Roxbury Crossing MBTA station) 
Help in English, Spanish 
Transportation 635-8892 



t 635-6547 

at the Madison Park Complex 

55 New Dudley Street, Roxbury 

(near Roxbury Crossing MBTA station) 

Help in Cambodian. Chinese, French, Haitian 

Creole, Cape Verdean creole. English, Greek, 

Portuguese, Somali. Spanish. Vietnamese